Compost Recycling

Landfill is a waste - compost is a resource

Statistics reveal that about 25% of all food produced is discarded or not used. Of this, only a small proportion is recycled and the rest is dumped to end up in landfill.

Food waste can be properly collected, treated and recycled back into agriculture either directly into the food chain for animals, or properly biodegraded by composting to improve our agricultural soils; both are positive, that is, a plus to humankind.

Food waste which ends up in landfills ends up producing uncaptured environmentally damaging methane gas, which is 20 times more damaging to the environment than carbon dioxide; that is a negative, a minus to humankind.

Australia, UK and the USA are amongst the worst countries in the world in dealing with this wasteful and damaging activity even though the solution is known. Until this is done in Australia it is estimated it is a minus of $500 to $600 for every Australian every year.

It is estimated and quoted that landfill is now the greatest source of methan gas in the world. Yet at the same time there is a campaign against the raising of ruminant animals (mainly cattle that produce our milk and beef) because they produce methane, when milk is universally accepted as the best overfall source of food and essential to modern humankind. There is even a scheme to penalise our agriculturalists who raise cattle. Sort of doesn't add up: not good maths.

This is an example of primary school maths our municipalities, or governments and our communities have not yet learned.

To give credit when due, Campbelltown, Sourth Australia are trialing a system of providing a ventilated basket, compostable line bags, and instructions on how to use these. They are able to put all food scraps (including meat, bones, vegetable and fruit scraps, paper towels and tissues) into the biodegradable bags in the basket. Full bags are then placed in the green organics bin for biweekly collection.

Waste collection is a municipal responsibility. What can our municipality do?

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