Future Urban Technology ISTIC

Where ISTIC means "relating to action, practice, doctrine, quality".
Futistic is therefore seen as a perfect new word, a name, to define our actions and goals for our futuristic sustainable urban designs. Futistic also implies Futuristic,
and means
Future Urban Transport ISTIC

To add your ideas at this web site:

First you need to Register. Then you will have access to the idea contribution form and will be able to actively participate in the wiki, forums, and other areas of the site.
The intention is for futistic.com to be an open interactive web site, a web site for public participation, with the invitation for all concerned individuals, groups, planners, scientists, engineers, designers and visionaries to express their desires, foresight and logic for a sustainable world.

Help. Futistic needs you. ---- Ideal would be as a project for the young innovative brains studying computer science at University of Technology Sydney to take over this site. Contact hughwalkerg at gmail.com

This site is even more relevant today than when conceived say 10 years ago when it was extremely active and featured in the Manly Daily. It needs new young ecological tech savvy minds to take it over and assure our sustainable future as all of this is extremely topical right now.

Over half the world's population are now urban dwellers, and this trend is ever increasing as the world population increases. The direction we are going is not sustainable and this is not being addressed by the governments of the world. The main reason for this is the foresight of all governments is limited to the term of their elected period. In comparison our foresight is for not only our lifetime but that of our children and grandchildren. Thus our input is essential.

This is a voluntary web site with an open invitation for all volunteers to please contribute

This initial web site presentation is just the idea and view of an individual. The community input as to how you see and want this site to be is not just welcome, but in fact essential.

Although the world benefits from the expression, interaction and cooperation of good ideas, clearly different areas of climatic, cultural and economic conditions require different answers.

Initial site input from Australia

This is in the spirit of "think globally, act locally" but of course suggestions are welcome regarding ideas and project anywhere around the world.

For ease of organizing the contents of this site, they are initially divided into: Transport, Housing and Building, Energy, and Food and Drink.