How to use this site

Welcome to Futistic.com. This is meant to be an interactive, collaborative website, and to facilitate that, here is a little getting-started guide.


Anyone can read the project pages and so on, but to actively participate, the first thing to do is register. When you click the link to the register page, you will see this form:


As soon as you fill in the form and submit it, you will be a registered member of the site.

Contributing an idea

Submitting the idea

You can then submit project ideas, using the Idea submission form:


Please fill in all the information and submit the form. On the "thank you" page, you will see a link to the project page for the idea you just submitted.


Editing the project page

Please click that link to add content to the new project page. The text of the page is input here. Normally, plain text is input. Currently, the standard wiki editor is to be used.


If you have some page content in HTML already, you can click the "Properties" tab and activate "Enable HTML", and then paste in your HTML content. Or you can input HTML if you like.

Images can be placed in the page by putting your cursor where you want the image to be, and then clicking the image icon (circled, in the illustration) which will open a popup dialog box where you can select and upload the image. After the image uploads, when you close the dialog box, you should see the wiki syntax for the image in your page text. You can preview the page at any time by clicking the "Preview" button (but don't forget to save the page before leaving the editor page).

Categorizing the page

Before saving the page, please click the "Categories" tab and tick/check the box that corresponds to the category of your project idea.


When the page is saved, it will be displayed, and it will also be listed in the main project menu at the top of the page.


Note: The main project menu at the top of the page is useful and comprehensive, but the loading of its information can become somewhat bothersome if you change pages frequently. As a convenience, the menu and its graphic can be toggled off and back on as needed by using the icon at the top right of the page.

Image Image

Other site features


Each project page has a button to navigate to the forum for further discussion, as desired. Also a general discussion forum is being set up.

User information/preference page

Each registered user has a "MyTiki" page to edit his or her preferences and to display information to other users. There is also an internal messaging system to send a message to another registered user at the site.

"Watch" feature

You can be notified of any activity such as a page being edited, by clicking on the "eye" icon on that page.

For more information

This website runs on Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware. For more information, please visit the Tiki community site(external link), or the documentation site(external link). Also, Tiki for Smarties(external link) has good tutorials and other information about using a Tiki website. Also, you can use the contact us form if you have any questions or encounter any problems. Your feedback is appreciated.

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