Australia is known as the lucky country for very good reasons. We are an island which can provide for our every need. We have a great climate with lots of sunshine, an abundance of resources, an abundance of energy in all of its known sources. In these energy sources some have been over-exploited and some under-exploited and some still to be further researched and developed.

We are very lucky in our island home that we have amongst the greatest length of sea coast line per head of population of any nation on earth. The world is one-third land and two-thirds sea and the sea has enormous resource and energy potential and we are blessed with a very, very large proportion of this.

Seapower, although its enormous energy resource is known, is still an under-researched totally clean and green energy resource sufficient to meet the bulk of the world's electricity power requirements.

Why don't we take up this obvious and logical pursuit for the benefit of Australia and the world and provide for us a better clean and green sustainable future?

The Sydney Northern Beaches, the Peninsular Municipalities of Pittwater, Warringah and Manly are the lucky of the lucky country with their coastline, and the untapped seapower potential to be self-sufficient in all its electrical energy needs.

Logic will eventually prevail and all land transport be electric powered. The next generation will look back and wonder why the 20th century started out with developing electric power but pushed it aside and continued to develop the highly polluting greenhouse gas emitting internal combustion engine. Reason: the political power and monetary self-interest of the oil industry.

The potential of energy from sea currents for the same area and velocity is about 800 times that of air currents. There is an Australian East Coast Current discovered by Captain Cook on his initial voyage of discovery in 1770 with enormous potential still not tapped.

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