Sydney City Transport Solutions

Sydney simply grew in the exct location of the first European settlement in Australia, a settlement understandably preoccupied with just surviving, not with laying out a city desirable of the needs of a 200-year future world-leading modern city. Hence, Sydney is saddled with narrow, over-crowded streets designed for pedestrians, now choked with traffic, mainly the individual car.

Sydney by birth grew from a pedestrian community never envisaging the individual motor car. This is a fact unaccepted by all recent city and traffic planners and until this fact is accepted, Sydney's traffic solution can never be achieved.

A hundred years ago our planners sawa the futuristic solution being all-electric trams and trains, the inner city to be served by the electric tram with tram tracks and overhead power in most city streets, and movement to and from the city served by the electric train.

Bradfield designed the Harbour Bridge for the mass population transit by electric trains on both sides of the bridge. If only we had stuck to the way of Bradfield, not to the dominant individual car.


The above diagram and photo were taken from the SMH in an article on Sydney traffic during the Pope's visit when George Street became a huge pedestrian mall in the week leading up to World Youth Day in July 2008. This was a great opportunity to see Sydney with public transportation only.

No 1 is an artist's idea of a futuristic tramway solution for Sydney. It is a great idea and logical thinking, but the reality is its not futuristic but actually takes us back to the past of 100 years ago.

No 2 is an actual photo taken during the Pope's visit on a special day reported to be the heaviest traffic day ever for Sydney. The heaviest traffic was actually pedestrian traffic in being the greatest number of people ever within the city of Sydney. This being so, look how sparse the traffic is without the individual dominant cars and with the public transport taking proper place in the centre of the road plus the odd public car being a taxi. See the pedestrians confined to their little space. Imagine how friendly pedestrian ways could be opened up and include cycle ways.

No 1 as an artist's rendering is clearly a simplistic wishful-thinking view of Sydney with traffic as it could be. There is no traffic at all except for one tram, a handful of pedestrians and no road vehicles at all in the centre of the busiest part of a city of over 4 million people. This is simply artistic license: not reality, not plausible. It is also unrealistic in that the tramway system is without the stanchions and gantries to support the power supply. This has been added to No 3 below.


This type of tramway system, although very efficient in the use of power, is slow, very old technology and infrastructure, and visually polluting, and no longer acceptable in the modern world.

The Bordeaux France Tramway is highly praised as it utilises underground power, thus has no unsightly overhead restrictive wiring. However, it still requires expensive restrictive steel tracks, expensive to install, special expensive tramcars, and in addition this type of in-ground power system is technically complicated and expensive.

The All-Australian Elect-Road

No 4 could be a reality as this is an actual photo of George St, Sydney, a city of 4 million people, on a day of the heaviest pedestrian traffic ever, but by regulation without the individual car. City users on this day reported how much more open and friendly, relaxed and polite everybody was with the city itself opened up and uncluttered without competing with the car being king. A city should be designed for people being king and served by friendly, frequent, fast public transport.

No 4, an actual photo, is ideal to show the added innovation of an all-Australian Elect-Road. The cheapest transport system is the bus. The present most efficient is the hybrid diesel-electric bus. New York City alone next year will have 1600. Cheaper and more efficient still is an all-electric bus powered by the Elect-Road. No overhead power, infinite flexibility, and can be fitted at ease to any road at minimal cost. Let us transform Sydney at minimal cost; all electric; no pollution; no noise.

The Elect-Road is an Australian innovation and invention intended to benefit the world.

Innovation is Wealth Creation for Australia.

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