6 Months Diploma in HR Management with Certificates

You can now achieve your dream of becoming a HR manager or a professional in the Human resources field by enrolling in any of these top best 6 months diploma in HR management with certificates!

With just 6 months, you can build a career in human resources and stand a greater opportunity to secure yourself a high paying job in the HR management workspace.

The good news is that, there are many offline and online diploma courses in human resources management that you can enroll in.

In this article, you will get to know why you need to build a career in HR management, the available jobs in HR management and free diploma courses in human resources management with certificates.

HR Course Background

HRM otherwise known as Human Resource Management is the department responsible for the screening, recruitment and training of a company’s employees.

Top best 6 months diploma in HR management with certificates

It is sometimes said that the strength of an organizations lies in it’s employees. So with this course, students can gain advanced knowledge that they need for effective human management in a workplace.

With this course, students are open to so many job opportunities in the labour market. Hence, getting a diploma degree should be among your revolutions as it comes with loads of profits.

Advantages of Getting a Diploma in HR Management

There are numerous advantages of in getting a diploma in HR management and some of such advantages include:

  • High job opportunities
  • Exposure to skill acquisition
  • High Salary Expectancy
  • Building of Work-circle

1. Job Opportunities

Graduates of human resource management are open to so many job opportunities as they get to acquire skills which they can use to get their dream job.

Apart from the HR department, graduates of these course also get to work in other departments and organizations.

2. Skill Acquisition

Any skill acquired in this area of education is considered top notch as these are skills highly required by employers.

Also,you do not just get to show off your skills only at your workplace but also at other places you visit, probably at home or a public gathering.

3. High Salary 

The sole aim of working is to earn good money. Human Resource Managers are heavily paid for their duties, hence, you can be rest assured of being able to sort your bills and take care of yourself when working as one.

4. Builds Your Work-circle

All work and no play they say, makes jack a dull boy. Well, HRM gives you the opportunity to meet and make new friends.

This is definitely gonna build your circle as you get to meet people who share the same mindset with you which could also help you advance in your career.

Well, let’s take a quick look at the job opportunities available in Human Resource Management.

Job Opportunities and Job Positions in HR Management

There are many high paying job opportunities and job positions in HR management that anyone can leverage on.

Some of the high paying job opportunities and job positions in HR management are:

  • HR Manager
  • HR Assistant
  • Chief HR Officer
  • Training Coordinator

1. HR Manager

An HR Manager is basically in charge of the HR department and oversees the recruitment, training and welfare of staffs.

HR manager are usually paid an average salary of $76,000 per annum and may even earn higher depending on the organization they’re working for.

2. HR Assistant

New graduates of HR are usually employed to feel this position. Their job description is to oversee the answering of calls and keep staff records.

HR assistants usually earn an annual salary of about $42,000 with other monthly allowances which can be somewhere around $1,000 or above

3. Chief HR Officer

This is the highest position a degree holder in HR can attain. They head the HR department and work in hand with the CEOs and make sure that the HR department is functioning properly and in line with the company goals and vision.

4. Training Coordinator

A training coordinator is responsible for training employees at the directive of the HR manager.

Courses like the company policies, marketing strategies are taught to the employees. On an average, a training coordinator earns about $45,000 per annum.

With all these mouth watering benefits,then HR management is definitely a course to learn and focus on and luckily, there are so many HRM courses available.

Although a university degree is usually advised, there are also online HRM courses and some of these courses take about 6 months to complete.

List of 6 Months Diploma Courses in HR Management with Certificates

list of top best 6 months diploma courses in human resource management with printable certificates

Below is a list of top best 6 months diploma courses in human resource management with printable certificates:

  1. Diploma in Human Resources
  2. Fundamentals of Human Resources
  3. Advanced HR Practice
  4. McMaster Human Resources Management Program
  5. Advance Learning and Development

1. Diploma in Human Resources by Alison

  • Course Offered by: Alison

In this course, students are taught how to recruit and train employees. They are also taught how to maintain a good relationship with their organization.

This course covers the role of a human resource manager. It’s a free course so you do not have to worry about fees.

2. Fundamentals of Human Resources by Alison 

  • Course Offered by: Alison

This course focuses on the fundamentals of human resources and teaches on the important functions, responsibilities and objectives of HR professionals.

It is a highly respected course, hence any person with a degree or a certificate is definitely gonna get job opportunities in good organizations.

3. Advanced HR Practice

Course Offered by: London Business Training and Consulting

In this course, students get to learn strategies they need to propel and move the organization forward. Here, students also get to explore what works for the organization.

They will get to look into the different facet of the organizations, their victories, mistakes and how to correct the mistake as it could bring down the organization if not properly checked. This is an on-campus course and takes about 2 weeks to complete.

4. McMaster Human Resources Management Program

Course offered by: McMaster University

This course seeks to provide students with skills such as Hr Management, talent building, communication etc that  they need to thrive as a HR manager in an organization.

It is a course that comes with a certificate and it’s duration is for about 4 – 5 months. However, this course is not free as it comes with a fee attached to it.

5. Advance Learning and Development

Course offered by: London Business Training and Consulting

In this course, students will learn how to effectively run an L & D unit in HR. Students also get to learn how to design and deliver world class L&D practice in their organization.

The course will wrap with a summary of the key learning points, followed by an action planning exercise with a view to apply the acquired knowledge and skills immediately upon your return to work. It is an on- campus course and takes about 2 weeks to complete.

Which Diploma is Best for HR?

Below are the 6 diploma programs that are best for HR management in 2023:

  1. Human Resource Management by Business School
  2. Level 3 Foundation Diploma in People and Organisations by Online Business School
  3. Diploma of Specialization in Labor Relations and Social Jurisdiction by Universidad Internacional de Andalucía
  4. Diploma of Human Resources Management by College For Adult Learning
  5. OTHM Level 7 Diploma in Human Resource Management by Britannia School of Leadership and Management
  6. Double Diploma of Human Resource Management by The College for Adult Learning
  7. Leadership & Management by the College for Adult Learning

How long Does an HR Diploma Take?

There are different HR diploma programs offered by different schools. HR diploma takes between two (2) months to 2 years.

Most online HR diploma programs last between 2 to 6 months. Some take 12 months while some with bulky curriculum might last for 2 years.

Rarely will you see a diploma program in human resources lasting longer than 2 years. Meanwhile B.Sc in HR management can take as long as four years and as short as 2 years.

Can I Become an HR with a Diploma?

Yes! You can become an HR with a diploma as long as your meet the profession’s qualification and attain a level of expertise in the HR field.

Meanwhile to become an HR with diploma you must attain a level of experience in both the HR workfield and in practicing of the profession.

In conclusion, dealing with people on a daily basis is inevitable, hence if you are one that loves to work with other people and you want to possess a phenomenal leadership skill and also earn yourself a good job, then you should enroll in any of these 6 months diploma in HR management with certificates.

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