9 Countries to Migrate to Without Stress from Nigeria

Prior to embarking on a migration journey from Nigeria, it’s crucial to have a clear understanding of potential destination countries to ensure a smooth transition. If you’re considering relocation, here is a comprehensive list of countries to consider migrating to from Nigeria.








8.Benin republic


  1. Canada

Canada stands out as one of the most developed countries with a streamlined immigration system, owing to its expansive landmass and demand for skilled labor.

While the process may entail demonstrating financial stability and completing examinations, it is generally straightforward, albeit not necessarily inexpensive.

For skilled individuals holding certifications and willing to navigate through relatively simple procedures, Canada’s Skilled Worker’s Express Entry Program presents a promising avenue. This program is widely favoured among aspiring migrants.

Moreover, migration to Canada is not limited to skilled workers alone. Students can pursue education in Canada, subsequently securing employment opportunities and eventually applying for permanent residency.

Surprisingly, despite initial perceptions, Canada emerges as one of the most accessible destinations for migration from Nigeria.

2. Ghana

Ghana often doesn’t come to mind when people in Nigeria contemplate the easiest countries to relocate too. Despite being an ECOWAS member like Nigeria, Ghana remains overlooked.

Yet, Nigerians holding a Nigerian passport can freely journey to Ghana without needing a visa. This leniency permits a stay up to 90 days, facilitating the process of securing permanent residency.

The proximity between Lagos and Accra is strikingly close, with just an hour’s flight or a 10-hour road journey. Ghana’s infrastructure surpasses Nigeria’s in many aspects, offering better amenities and services.

Additionally, Ghana shares striking cultural similarities with Nigeria, from climate to cuisine.

For Nigerians seeking a straightforward path to relocation, Ghana presents itself as an ideal starting point, promising familiarity and ease of transition.

3. Ecuador

When discussing Ecuador, its breathtaking beauty is often a focal point of conversation. For Nigerians contemplating relocation, Ecuador offers a compelling proposition due to its relatively untapped status among Nigerian expatriates; as of 2018, only a thousand Nigerians resided there.

Moreover, Ecuador is among the countries Nigerians can visit visa-free and consistently earns acclaim as a top destination for expatriates, boasting a high quality of life and reasonable cost of living.

Cultural parallels between Ecuador and Nigeria further enhance its appeal. Both nations share a passion for football and vibrant dance traditions.

For Nigerians seeking a straightforward migration path, the Ecuador Retirement Visa offers an enticing opportunity.

This visa allows indefinite residency in Ecuador, contingent upon a recognised guarantor providing a monthly stipend of $800, with no age restrictions.

Alternatively, those ineligible for this visa can explore options such as the professional visa.

4. Paraguay

Paraguay, located in South America, shares borders with Argentina and Brazil. Renowned for its amicable atmosphere, Paraguay offers a low cost of living and boasts relative safety.

Obtaining a resident permit or visa is straightforward and budget-friendly in this welcoming nation.

You might wonder, “How can I relocate and settle in Paraguay?” The process is straightforward.

Besides fulfilling standard documentation requirements and undergoing background checks, all you need to do is deposit approximately $4,500 into a Paraguayan bank. Upon being granted residency, you can withdraw the full deposit.

Alternatively, you can obtain residency by establishing a company with a minimum capital equal to the aforementioned amount or by purchasing agricultural land spanning at least 10 hectares.

That’s all it takes to move to Paraguay – just $4,500.


Mexico, located in North America, presents an attractive combination of a low cost of living, rich culinary delights, and vibrant cultural experiences.

The advantageous aspect is obtaining an FMM visa, granting a 180-day stay in Mexico for just $21. Even more appealing is the option to renew the visa an unlimited number of times while remaining within the country.


Securing permanent residency, and subsequently citizenship, in Belgium is most easily achieved through employment

By obtaining a job in Belgium, you automatically become eligible to apply for permanent residence.

While the process may span five years, residing and working in the country during this time streamlines the transition.

Consequently, Belgium emerges as one of the most accessible destinations for migration from Nigeria.


Belize is renowned for its breathtaking beauty, cultural diversity, affordable living costs, and seamless integration, thanks to its status as an English-speaking country.

Transitioning to Belize for permanent residency is relatively straightforward. Initially, one obtains a 30-day visit visa.

Subsequently, renewal of this visa every 30 days for up to 50 weeks is required. Following this period, securing permanent residency entails a financial investment of a few thousand dollars.

Additionally, one can concurrently apply for a work permit to avoid prolonged periods without employment.

8.Benin republic

Benin is a neighbouring country that doesn’t really have restrictions for Nigerians. It’s definitely easy to move from Nigeria to Benin.


If you’re unfazed by the presence of snakes, spiders, and kangaroos, Australia may be the destination for you.

It’s a stunning, technologically advanced English-speaking nation offering remarkable educational and career prospects.

Similar to Canada, Australia features a structured skilled workers program designed for individuals seeking to migrate.

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