About us

Welcome to FUTISTIC Educational information website. Read more about us below!

Who are we?

Futistic is an independent Non-governmental website that is aimed at assisting and enlightening students on news and other information related to academics.

We are selfless in our services. The satisfaction of our users is our top priority and we don’t relent in assisting and sharing useful and helpful information.

What do we Offer?

Futistic is a special Education Publication Website that focus solely on sharing:

  • Educational news
  • Admission consultations
  • Students’ Counselling
  • School rating
  • Scholarships for students
  • Admission News
  • General academic updates
  • Study Abroad Opportunities
  • And many more
  • Transfer Guide
  • Online Courses

Our Target

Our target on Futistic is to  satisfy our users with helpful and useful information. We shall not relent on our target as our  dream is to become the nearest information cyclopedia that students can rely on.

Our flexibility and Transparency

We are very flexible and transparent with the kind of information we share with our users.

As a way of expressing our transparency and flexibility, we give room for all our users to make possible contributions, suggestions, and recommendations via our comment section or via our contact page here.