Best Debit Cards for Students and Teens 2023 with low Charges

Are you looking for the best debit cards for students and teen in 2023, and do you want to get the best student debit for your child?

If yes, then let me carefully guide and advise you with this interesting information that will help you make the best choice.

In this article, I’m going to deeply explain everything that relates to choosing a debit card, the importance of using a student debit cards and many other important information.

In this modern times, student needs to know what’s best for them. Students including high school and college students and even teen need the best debit card, especially the one with less charges, for the purpose of helping them spend less.

What is a Student Debit Card?

A picture showing the 4 best students debit cards

A student debit card is a bank card use for transactions. It’s a transactional card in which when used, money is been deducted from the consumer’s account. It is as normal as every other debit card.

Platinum card, master’s card, visa and verve are all forms of major payment cards. A debit card is well known for transactions either online or offline.

The problem is that most people cannot differentiate between debit and credit cards and this is where articles like this are helpful!

So we are going to discuss how debit cards works.

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One interesting thing about debit card is that it makes transactions easy and convenient for both online and offline payments and purchases.

Some certain things we need to know about debit cards which are mostly merit and demerit of a debit card and they are;

Disadvantages of using a Debit Card

There are few disadvantages of using a student debit card and such disadvantages include:

  • No Rewards
  • Can’t be used for lending or borrowing purpose
  • High Bank Charges

1. No Rewards:

Unlike credit cards, debit cards has no  reward except as a customer of any bank that has a reward checking account.

Debit cards are merely used for transactions that is, it is specific on businesses and savings there are no earning point, travel points or either cash backs and so on.

2. Can’t be used for lending or borrowing purpose

Unlike using a Credit cards for loans, Debit cards are not designed for that, that means it’s can’t build a good credit.

You can only takes loans from your bank in which your bank can deduct money from your account, there are some ways of collecting loan from the bank without collateral, which is joining the cooperative in your working in which can be deducted from your account to pay your debts.

3. High Bank Charges:

Most bank Charges at high rate especially when you used another ATM machine and also some debit issues may occur.

Advantages of Using a Debit Card

There are some advantages to using a student debit card and some of such advantages are:

  • No Debts
  • Protection from Fraud
  • No Annual Charges

1. No Debts:

Debit cards makes you secure more debt because the money being spent on your account are yours, unlike credit card which the money being spent are from the organizations or bank in which they lend to you.

2. Protection from Fraud:

Unlike credit cards, some debit cards such as master’s and Visa’s card now offers more advance protection to their customers.

Note that Fraud or lost of your debit card should be reported fast to the bank for quick action.

3. No Annual Charges:

When a customer of a bank uses his or her own debit card on the ATM machine of their bank, charged will not incurred but one thing you need to note that there are maintenance charges.

Best Debit Cards for Students in 2023

Now that I have explained some certain things about debit cards which may be beneficial to you as a student, let’s go to the main deal which is to list out the best student debit cards for college students and high school teens.

The 4 best debit cards for college and high school students and teens in 2023 are listed below:


1. ICICI Bank@Campus Debit Card

CICI Bank@Campus student debit card is one of the best debit card for students and teens

The CICI Bank@Campus debit card is one of the best debit card for students and teens because it has so many benefits and it rendered smooth services to students.

Some of the benefits of using the CICI Bank@Campus debit card are;

  • It is more safer for security reasons
  • It’s makes transactions easier and convenience
  • Student also benefit by using free internet and also free mobile banking, but it specific to some certain cities
  • There are also free transfer from parents to their child, for the payment of tuition, living expenses, etc. Note that the child must be above seventeen years.

2. Axis Bank Youth Debit Card

Axis Bank Youth Student Debit Card for students and teens

The Axis Bank Youth Debit Card is one of the best debit cards that is exclusively designed for students and teens between the ages of 18 to 25 years.

Some of the benefits of using the Axis Bank Youth debit card are;

  • It’s easier to generate card pin
  • They offer premium brands for your daily withdrawal

3. HDFC Debit Card

HDFC Bank debit cards are debit cards that are suitable for students’ shopping, buying movie tickets, subscribing for entertainment etc.

HDFC Debit Card for students and teens


Some of the benefits of using the HDFC debit card are;

  • They provide millennia debit card to student
  • They also offers loan, mobile recharge, movies etc.
  • Customers are entitled to 5 free transactions at HDFC ATMs
  • Students are entitled to 3 fre transactions at other bank ATMs
  •  After each transactions, you will get SMS alerts to track your expenses.

Types of HDFC Debit Cards

  1. EasyShop Platinum Debit Card
  2. Jet Privilege HDFC Bank World Debit Card
  3. EasyShop Business Debit Card
  4. HDFC Bank Rewards Debit Card
  5. Millenia Debit Card
  6. EasyShop Woman’s Advantage Debit Card
  7. Rupay Premium Debit Card
  8. EasyShop Imperia Platinum Chip Debit Card

4. IDBI Bank Debit Card


IDBI Bank student Debit Card for college students and teens

The IDBI Bank Debit Card is one of the best debit cards for students and teens. The card has a domestic and international validity.

Some of the benefits of using the IDBI bank debit card are;

  • Ability to choose per your convenience
  • Freedom to withdraw money from ATMs
  • Ease of making day to day purchases
  • The debit cards are safe and easy transactions
  • They are also free transfer, if it is the same bank.

Differences Between Debit and Credit Cards

Listed below are some of the differences between Debit and Credit cards.

Although they have differences but also have similarities, it’s not easy to spell out the differences much since both debit and credit cards are also made for transactions.

To point out, when using a debit card, money is been deducted directly from your account instantaneously while with credit card, money is charged to your line of credit.

It is more safer with credit cards than with debit cards because credit cards have more secure consumer protection against fraud than debit.

Most credit cards no longer charge annual fees while debit card does.

Credit cards holders can receive cash rewards, travel point, discounts and many other available rewards while debit cards holders cannot.

Credit cards has an act backing it which is the FCBA (Fair Credit Billing Act) in which it’s protect the consumer from unauthorized purchases, damage goods and lost during shipping while consumer’s using debit card cannot be protected that is the goods purchase cannot be reversed.

Similarities Between Debit and Credit Card

Debit and Credit cards has some certain similarities, but the basic similarities is that, they are been made for transactions.

But they possessed some specific numbers of identity which are;

  • Debit and Credit cards has the same similarities on the surface of the card, for example; expiration dates, EMV chips, sixteen (16) digit card numbers and Magnetic Strips.
  • They are easy and convenience to use for transactions.

There are some other things that you need to know about students debit cards. To find more information about these cards, you need to visit or consult your bank.

Your bank can also help you to choose the best debit card for your child or help you replace any card.

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