Best BSN to MSN Programs Near You – Free Accredited Courses

It’s a great opportunity to share some of the best BSN to MSN programs near you which can be taken online or offline. Some of these programs can be taken both online and offline.

I have also shared the simple steps you can take to find some accredited BSN to MSN courses near you.

With these methods, you can find cheap BSN to MSN programs which you can enroll in at a very low cost.

BSN to MSN Programs Overview 

One way to succeed in the healthcare industry is to continuously improve your skills, knowledge and experience. Nursing is one career that needs lots of knowledge and skills acquisition to reach the top of the ladder.

Getting more knowledge will give you more skills and help you in your desired job search. The first step is to get a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) till you acquire a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN).

Earning an MSN degree is purely personal, but it is one way to get more expertise and qualification.

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What is MSN Compared to BSN?

Understanding the comparison between these nursing degrees may be challenging, so we will first explain each concept.

Best Accredited BSN to MSN Programs. Online BSN to MSN courses near me

Fully known as a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, the BSN programs equip nurses with the basic knowledge, skill and experience needed for entry-level roles in clinics, hospitals and any healthcare setting.

Getting a BSN degree does not require you to have prior experience in the field, but you must have taken related or relevant courses.

You must study for at least 4 years in any accredited institution to get this degree. Although you can work as a nurse without this degree if you have your RN certificate, the BSN can get you more job opportunities and a higher salary.

On the other hand, MSN or Masters of Science in Nursing is an advanced form of BSN. The degree is an advanced program that will equip nurses with secondary skills and knowledge for a particular specialty or role in the healthcare industry.

With an MSN degree, you will have access to higher opportunities. The MSN degree will provide nurses with in-depth expertise. However, you can only be admitted into an institution to study for this degree with a BSN first.

Why is MSN Better Than a BSN?

A BSN is the first step towards getting to the top of your career, but with an MSN, you will have unlimited access to jobs and higher pay. We will highlight some of the reasons why an MSN degree is better than a BSN.

  • More Career Opportunities:

Having an MSN degree means you can comfortably do a nurse’s job with just a BSN and even have additional opportunities and responsibilities.

With a BSN, you are available for jobs like a pediatric nurse, surgical nurse, hospice nurse, ICU nurse, obstetric and gynecological nurse and others.

An MSN qualification will qualify you for job opportunities like nurse manager, certified nurse midwife, advanced nurse practitioner, nurse administrator, nurse educator, certified nurse anesthetist, clinical nurse researcher, clinical nurse specialist, clinical nurse leader and many more specialties.

  • Higher Salary:

In one of the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports, a nurse with an MSN degree will get almost double the salary of a nurse with an RN certificate. The statistics also imply that having an MSN will mean a higher salary than a nurse with a BSN.

  • More Specialties:

While a BSN degree limits your choice of focusing on a particular specialty, the MSN offers many program options that will help you make your choice. You can even major in teaching other nursing students if you love teaching.

  • It is Easier to Get a Doctorate:

You must first have your MSN degree to study for your doctorate. You can get your MSN degree without having a BSN, as there are options for nurses with an RN certificate, but there is no shortcut to getting a doctorate without an MSN.

  • Flexibility at Work:

Many healthcare establishments give nurses with MSN more flexible and regular working hours, while other registered nurses have longer and tight schedules.

BSN to MSN – How Long?

The average time to get your MSN after a BSN is two years. For those getting their MSN through the accelerated MSN programs, the time will likely be three years; the first year will be an entry-level where you will get the basic nursing knowledge.

Meanwhile, the following two years will take up advanced nursing coursework and preparations for preparations for license examinations.

However, this time is still being determined as many factors will shorten or make it longer. These factors include:

  • The length of the specialty chosen
  • Structure of the program
  • Type of enrollment (Campus-based or online programs)

BSN to MSN Cost: What is the Cost for BSN to MSN Program?

Getting an MSN degree requires money, and the cost is influenced by factors like the type of school and whether you will be studying as an in-state or out-of-state resident. Nonetheless, the estimated cost of getting an MSN after a BSN is between $18,810 to $185,280.

Cheapest BSN to MSN Programs 2023

Some schools offer affordable BSN to MSN programs. Below are few BSN to MSN schools with very low and affordable tuition:

1. Fort Hays State University

  • Tuition: $10,747.80 per year.

However, the program is not available to students from Alabama, Tennessee, Washington and Utah due to the restriction of licenses in those places.

2. The University of Alabama:

  • Tuition: $17,600.

Students from Alabama, Florida, North Carolina, Georgia, Arkansas, Mississippi, Texas, Kentucky, and South Carolina can only study the Nurse Practitioner specialties.

3. University of Texas-Tyler:

  • Cost: The cost is $1469 per credit

The total amount will depend on the number of courses you will be taking.

4. Briar Cliff University

  • Tuition: $27,000

5. University of Arizona:

  • Tuition: $28,000

The school only accepts students from Washington DC, Tennessee and US Territories.

6. McNeese State University:

  • Fee: In-state students pay $5,147, while Out-of-state students pay $13,185.

7. Kennesaw State University:

  • Cost: for in-state students, an MSN costs $4,450, while Out-of-state is to pay $15,704.

8. The University of West Georgia:

  • Cost: The Acho accepts $4,371 for In-state students and $15,426 for out-of-state students.

9. Southwestern Oklahoma State University:

  • Cost: The tuition fee is between $6,150 to $13,050, depending on the resident.

10. Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi:

  • Cost: students must pay between $4,719 and $14,695.

Best Accredited BSN to MSN Programs in 2023 

Online BSN to MSN programs near Lekki, Illinois, Lagos, Texas, Florida, Colorado & other locations

There are many BSN to MSN programs available for nurses. But the 13 best BSN to MSN courses in 2023 are:

  1. BSN to MSN – Nurse Administrator
  2. BSN to MSN – Nurse Educator
  3. BSN to MSN – Nursing Informatics
  4. BSN to MSN – Community Health
  5. BSN to MSN – Health Policy
  6. Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner
  7. Leadership and Management
  8. Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner
  9. Family Nurse Practitioner
  10. MSN-Nurse Midwife
  11. MSN-Neonatal Nurse Practitioner
  12. Public Health Nurse Practitioner
  13. Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

How to Find BSN to MSN Programs Near You

Finding the best BSN to MSN program near you might not be very easy especially if you’re not living close to reputable schools that offer MSN programs.

As such, you need special procedures and guidelines to finding the best BSN to MSN programs near you.

To achieve this, there are some questions you need to ask yourself as the answer will help you find the best programs near you; the questions include:

  • What age group interests me, and which do I find comfortable and exciting to work with?
  • Can you function well in an administrative position?
  • Do you like and can teach others?
  • What is my budget?
  • What timeframe will be suitable for the program?

The vice questions will not only point you towards the direction of the BSN to MSN programs around you but which specialty to focus on.

With these few steps above, you can find the best and cheap BSN to MSN programs if you are living near  near Lekki, Illinois, Lagos, Texas, Florida, Colorado or other geographical locations closer to you.

14 Best BSN to MSN Schools

According to our in-depth research and analysis, we have arrived at the schools below to be among best BSN to MSN schools in 2023

  1. Augusta University
  2. Fort Hays State University
  3. The University of Alabama
  4. University of Texas-Tyler
  5. Briar Cliff University
  6. Emory University
  7. University of Arizona
  8. McNeese State University
  9. Capella University
  10. Marquette University
  11. Kennesaw State University
  12. The University of West Georgia
  13. Southwestern Oklahoma State University
  14. Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi

Bottom line

The nursing industry is so vast; hence it is better to focus on a particular field. One way to major in any nursing field is to get your MSN degree.

This degree will also provide other benefits like a higher salary, more job opportunities, flexible working hours, and an accessible pathway to acquiring a doctorate.

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