Colleges that Accept 100 Transfer Credits 2023

Are you interested in knowing the colleges that accept 100 transfer credits 2023 and how you can transfer to these schools.

There are many reasons students transfer to other colleges; some are to major in another program, others to finish up a program they previously left, and some transfer from an on-campus program to an online program.

Most schools have made their transfer process more manageable and smooth, and they have a credit transfer calculator that allows students to choose the best course to transfer and the number of credits.

While some colleges have a maximum number of credits to transfer, others have unlimited numbers. I have listed some colleges that accept 100 transfer credits below.

Listed of Colleges that Accept 100 Transfer Credits

List of colleges that accept 100 transfer credits

Below are some colleges that accept 100 transfer credits:

  1. The Evergreen State College
  2. Valparaiso University
  3. Saint Louis University
  4. University of Washington
  5. California State University-Fullerton
  6. The University of Florida Online
  7. Florida International University
  8. Purdue Global University
  9. Strayer University
  10. Walden University

1. The Evergreen State College

The Evergreen State College allows students to transfer 135 quarter-hour credits to get any degree from the college.

However, these credits must be from a college-level program, including dual enrollment and a running start.

Transfer Requirements

Out of these 135 credits, students can transfer 90 quarter-hour credits from any lower-division level, and the school can transfer 15 quarter-hour credits from vocational, technical, and life experience.

Students who wish to get a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree must earn 180 quarter-hour credits.

It is possible to transfer credits, but 72 must be in a science, math, or computer-related course.

Students who earn a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution can only transfer 135 quarter-hour credits.

The Evergreen State College requires students to submit official transcripts of all credit transfers to the office of admissions.

2. Valparaiso University

The number of credits students can transfer to Valparaiso University depends on the previous college attended and the course studied.

Transfer Requirements

Valparaiso University only accepts 100 transfer credits from students previously studying at any engineering college. Other classes and colleges can only transfer up to 94 credits.

Students who wish to transfer credits for a major degree will submit all official transcripts to the Dean or department chair for evaluation and approval.

All credits must have a minimum grade of C, and the student must earn all within 15 years.

3. Saint Louis University

Saint Louis University is one college with few restrictions and policies regarding the transfer.

There is no limit to the number of credits students can transfer, provided they earned them in any accredited 4-year colleges and universities. All credits must have a minimum transfer GPA of 2.5.

It is recommended that students submit their application to Saint Louis University a month before the program starts for guidance on which course and credit to transfer. There are also mentors and counselors available for transfer students.

4. University of Washington

The University of Washington accepts up to 135 credits; 90 can be transferred from a lower-division level program. The minimum GPA required for credit transfer is to be discussed with the admissions and transfer unit.

The school provides a wide range of resources and programs to help transfer students have a smooth transition, including a transfer portal website.

There is also a transfer session once a week for students to ask all questions and get their answers.

Transfer students are recommended to participate in a Transfer First-Year Interest Group – a peer-guided seminar course.

5. California State University-Fullerton

California State University-Fullerton accepts both upper-division and lower-division coursework credit transfer.

Transfer Requirement

Students with lower-division level coursework can transfer a minimum of 60 semester credit hours, and there are no limits or maximum credits to transfer.

The school requires 30 credit hours out of 60 to be in general education courses. All courses must have a C grade, and credits must have a minimum of 2.0 GPA.

6. The University of Florida Online

Students can transfer their credits into programs The University of Florida Online offers, including Sport Management, Criminology, Health Education, Fire and Emergency Services, Nursing, and more.

Students under the lower-division level can only transfer between 12 to 59 credits, whereas those under the upper-division level have a minimum of 60 credit transfers and no limit.

All credits must have a minimum of 2.0 GPA to be considered for transfer. There is assistance available for students, including financial aid.

7. Florida International University

Florida International University is the next school on our list of colleges that accept 100 transfer credits.

The school requires 60 credit hours of lower-division undergraduate studies, and students must earn all credits from a regionally accredited school.

Students who have already earned an Associate Degree from any Florida college are considered for credit transfer automatically. However, students with the same degree but from a non-Florida college must meet some requirements.

8. Purdue Global University

Purdue Global University accepts the transfer of 100 credits from previous coursework to programs like Bachelor of Science in Professional Flight, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Bachelor of Science in Communication, Bachelor of Science in Accounting, and some other programs.

These programs require 180 credits at the end of the program; since the school accepts the transfer of 75% of credits into these new programs, students can transfer up to 100 credits.

9. Strayer University

Strayer University helps students who have credits from other colleges and wish to complete their degrees, and they accept the transfer of credits from courses relevant to the program.

Students can transfer up to 126 credits with a minimum of a C grade; students must earn these credits from accredited institutions.

However, only students offering programs to earn a bachelor’s degree can transfer up to 100 credits.

Students with credits earned from a school outside of the United States can only transfer them if they are equivalent to the coursework earned in the United States.

The school can also transfer life experiences, but they are applied to elective courses. Also, the student must earn the credits within 10 years.

10. Walden University

Walden University accepts more than 100 credits, and students can transfer up to 135 credits earned from previous experience, work, or college. All credits must have a C grade (2.0 on a 4.0 scale) or higher to be considered for transfer.

Students must submit an official transcript from their previous institution to Walden University, and Walden University handles the transcript fee.

The Office of Admissions will evaluate each credit and compare it to Walden University coursework. Note that only undergraduate programs accept credit transfers.

Bottom line

The 10 schools above are among the colleges that accept 100 transfer credits in 2023. These schools accept the transfer of credits; however, many of these institutions only allow the transfer of up to 90 credits.

Does this mean students with 100 credits will lose them? The answer is no, as some schools have policies that allow students to transfer all their credits.

You only have to meet their requirements, including a GPA of at least 2.0 and a grade of C or better (some schools require a B grade).

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