Colleges That Accept WGU Credits – 10 Schools to Transfer to

Here I bring to you the list of colleges that accept WGU credits. The Western Governors University is a private university regionally accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU).

The degree awarded by this institution is accredited by bodies such as the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP), Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP), Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education (CAHIIM) and Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE).

Students can transfer credits earned at Western Governors University to other schools.

Do WGU Credits Transfer to Other Schools?

Yes! Western Governors University (WGU) is a regionally accredited university, and its credits are generally accepted and transferable to other regionally accredited schools.

Meanwhile, any school you transfer to will possibly have its own transfer policies and its transfer credits limit and the transferability of your WGU credits will depend on those policies.

Do other Colleges Accept WGU credits?

Yes! Many regionally accredited colleges accept WGU credits.

You can transfer your WGU credits to colleges like University of Kentucky, Brigham Young University, SUNY Canton College of Technology, Thomas Edison State University, Penn State University, Bushnell University and others listed below.

Some of the schools that accept WGU credits are listed below.

List of Colleges that Accept WGU Credits

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The following are the known colleges that accept WGU Credits. Students with WGU credits can transfer to any of these colleges:

  1. University of Kentucky
  2. Brigham Young University
  3. SUNY Canton College of Technology
  4. Thomas Edison State University 
  5. Penn State University
  6. Bushnell University
  7. Eastern Oregon University
  8. George Fox University
  9. Lewis & Clark College

1. University of Kentucky

Students can transfer their credits earned from Western Governors University. The school accepts more than 23 credit transfers provided they have a minimum of 2.0 GPA; however, credits earned from remedial courses are not accepted.

The school requires all coursework to have at least a grade of D- and higher, and some courses require higher grades.

Other requirements include a transfer application, official college transcripts, official high school transcripts, and the university foreign language requirement completion.

Students with less than 23 credits must submit official ACT/SAT scores earned within 4 years.

2. Brigham Young University

Brigham Young University allows students to transfer their credits gotten from WGU. All credits, like vocational credits, military credits, concurrent enrollment, associate degrees, and international credits, are accepted.

Students can transfer up to 24 or more graded credits in addition to their official transcripts from Western Governors University. All credits must be a minimum GPA of 3.0.

For students with less than 24 credits, the school requires official high school and college transcripts and ACT or SAT scores.

3. SUNY Canton College of Technology

Also known as The State University of New York, this school accepts credits from Western Governors University, including life experiences. All credits must have at least a C grade or higher to be considered for transfer.

For those with Associate or Bachelor’s degrees from WGU and who wish to transfer their credits to SUNY Canton, the grade must be a D or higher; some health-related programs require a C grade.

Requirements needed for credit transfer include an official transcript from Western Governors University and official high school transcripts and course descriptions.

4. Thomas Edison State University

Thomas Edison State University allows students to transfer and apply up to 90 credits earned from accredited institutions like Western Governors University.

Students with a baccalaureate degree can transfer a maximum of 30 credits, while associate degree students can transfer 15 semester hours.

All credits must have a C grade or better to be accepted. Thomas Edison State University requires official transcripts of all coursework.

5. Penn State University

Penn State University accepts credit transfers from students from Western Governors University. All credit grades must be at least a C with a GPA of 2.0.

Also, the courses in the credits must be similar to the ones offered at Penn State University.

The school accepts only credits earned at the undergraduate level. Penn State University requires official college transcripts of all courses before credits are considered for transfer.

6. Bushnell University

Bushnell University is the next on our list of schools that accept Western Governors University credits.

The school accepts credits from WGU, provided the courses are from 100-level and above. Credits earned from running start programs and dual enrollments are also accepted.

Students can transfer up to 90 credits and must have a minimum of 2.25 GPA. Students with less than 25-semester credits are required to submit official high school transcripts and SAT scores.

Grades of C and above are needed for credits to be eligible for transfer.

7. Eastern Oregon University

Eastern Oregon University is one of the schools that allows students with credits from Western Governors University to transfer them to their new programs.

Students can transfer up to 30 quarter credits or 20-semester credits with a minimum of 2.25 GPA.

It is expected that students transfer at least coursework that reflects courses in the sciences, social sciences, or humanities.

The school requires students with less than 72 transferable credits to submit an official high school transcript.

8. George Fox University

George Fox University accepts credits from other schools, including Western Governors University.

The school allows the transfer of 90 credits from 100-level courses and above. All coursework must have a minimum of C grade or higher to be considered for transfer.

George Fox University does not accept credits for vocational and technical experiences. Official transcripts for each coursework are needed for evaluation and approval.

9. Lewis & Clark College

Students can transfer their credits from Western Governors University to Lewis & Clark College, provided they correspond to the coursework offered in the new school. All credits must have a C grade or better and a 2.0 GPA.

Students cannot transfer credits from life experience, credit by examination, or repeated courses. Also, credits earned over 20 years before admission are not accepted. Lewis & Clark College takes up to 68 semester credits.

10. Portland State University

Portland State University accepts cooperative education credits, correspondence credits, remedial credits, military credits, vocational/technical credits, pass/no pass credits, 2-year school credits, and PE credits. Students can transfer up to 124 credits provided they have at least a C grade or higher.

Some credits are added to the student’s current GPA while others are not; it depends on the type you are transferring.

Can you transfer from WGU to Another University?

Yes, you can transfer from WGU to other universities like Bushnell University, Brigham Young University, Eastern Oregon University, University of Kentucky, SUNY Canton College of Technology, Thomas Edison State University, Penn State University, George Fox University, Lewis & Clark College and other regionally accredited universities.

Transferring from WGU to Another University

You can transfer almost all of your WGU credits to another university, college or request for your transcript for job application.

If you want to get your official WGU transcripts to transfer your credits, transfer to another university or send it for a job application, you just have to send a request to WGU indicating the courses you have taken at WGU.

To get your WGU transcript, you’ll simply have to request your WGU transcripts via the WGU website. You can request here


Western Governors University is an accredited institution, so other schools are expected to accept credits earned from it.

While some require official transcripts from both college and high school, others need only your college transcripts.

It would be best if you found a school whose programs match the coursework in your credits.

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