Free Online Bachelor’s Degree Courses with Certificates 2023

In this article, you will be guided on how to find and enrol in some of the best 100% free online bachelor’s degree courses with certificates near you.

To easily find and enrol in free online bachelor’s degree programs near you, you’ll need a helpful information like this.

The interesting aspect of this is that, these free online bachelor’s degree courses with certificates are offered by high profile and  reputable universities, colleges, training institutions, and online educational platforms.

These courses are available for a range of disciplines and majors with availability of comprehensive learning materials, interactive modules, and assessments to facilitate effective learning.

The aim to this is tp provide a simple way of providing quality education for free and make it accessible to a wider audience with less financial capacity.

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Are there free Online Bachelor Degree Programs?

Yes! All thanks to hundreds of free online courses, free online colleges programs and free university courses for undergraduate students.

These online undergraduate courses have made it easy for students to further their education even when they don’t have enough finance.

This simply means, that lack of funds cannot be a reason for not getting a Bachelor’s degree in 2023 because solutions and alternatives have been provided in this article.

Interestingly, bachelor’s degree programs expose you to a more advanced knowledge of your discipline and it is a steppingstone to building a sustainable career which will open more opportunities for you.

Why free Online Bachelor Degree Courses are Recommended?

Undergoing a Bachelor’s degree program can be very expensive and also stressful. To achieve that, one has to be academically and financially buoyant.

But in cases where you can’t achieve or afford the capital alone, you can always opt in for free online bachelor degree courses with printable certificates.

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How is this possible…?

Well, technology has made education simple, easier and better, now you can easily study online with the help of your smart phones, laptops, PC, tablets, etc, at a very low cost and sometimes completely even free.

With less stress, you can easily connect to the internet, download study materials, attend lectures, interact with other students, submit assignments and do almost everything you could possibly do in an on-campus program and at the end, receive a printable certificate.

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Things to Know about Online Bachelor’s Degree Certificate

While the World is advancing in age, technology is also advancing!

The educational sector has attain a greater height of achievement by gathering students from all part of the World into a space where they can enjoy quality education without meeting physically.

Now student can digitally be in the learning environment with their phones, laptops, etc., by simply connecting to the internet via any internet accessible device.

Instead of student facing the stress and inconvenience in the school environment, they can now stay at the comfort of their home to learn.

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One good thing is that, online bachelor’s degree programs can be enjoyed by anybody!

That means if you want to study or you want to be part of any educational body, you can do this digitally without having to be there physically.

Brilliant students with innovative ideas have been produced through online learning, skills have been acquired and careers have been built through it also.

Business ideas and managerial skills have also been learned through online business programs.

Are there actually free programs…?

There are many institutions that offers free online Bachelor’s degree program and we shall see them below.

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17 Free Online Bachelor Degree Courses with Certificates in 2023

Free Online Bachelor Degree Program with Certificates

Below are the free and affordable online bachelor’s degree programs with certificates in 2023 that you can enroll in for free:

  1. University of People online bachelor’s degree program
  2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Open Learning Bachelor’s degree program
  3. Curtis University of Music free Online Bachelor’s degree program
  4. College of the Ozarks Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs
  5. Coursera Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs
  6. University of London Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs
  7. Open Yale Online Bachelor’s Courses
  8. Stanford Online Bachelor’s Courses
  9. Harvard Online Learning Bachelor’s Courses
  10. Alison Online Bachelor’s Courses
  11. FutureLearn Online Bachelor’s Courses
  12. Codecademy Online Bachelor’s Courses
  13. Udemy Online Bachelor’s Courses
  14. MIT OpenCourseWare Online Bachelor’s Courses
  15. Open Culture Online Bachelor’s Courses
  16. Khan Academy Online Bachelor’s Courses
  17. edX Online Bachelor’s Courses

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University of People Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs

The university of people offers free online Bachelor’s degree program. It is an accredited online universities in America which offers free courses to students across different parts of the World.

This University different bachelor’s degree programs. Some of these programs are completed within months while some take about a year or more.


  • Applicants must submit their high school diploma
  • Each applicants must also have a reference which can be written by the teacher or any high profile personnel
  • Applicants must be good in English but non native English speakers should provide proof of English Proficiency.
  • The provision of letters of recommendation is highly recommended

Note all the documents are submitted online.

Note: The university of people also offers Bachelor’s degree programs that are designed to train students for dynamic careers in education, childcare and community leadership.

Application website: Visit here to apply

MIT Open Learning Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers free Bachelor’s degree programs in different fields like arts and sciences. The institution admit a large number of undergraduate students each year.

Note: MIT doesn’t directly offer online degree courses, but it has a world-class online educational opportunities which is made available through their online programs through the MIT Open Learning.


  • High school diploma
  • Letter of Recommendation/reference
  • A good high school profile
  • Applicants must be good in English. Non native English speakers should provide proof of English Proficiency

Application website: Visit here to apply

Curtis Bachelor of Music Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs

Curtis Institute of Music as the name implies, offers free Bachelor’s degree in music. Although this program is free, the Curtis bachelor’s of music program is very competitive.


  • High school diploma
  • Each applicants must also have a letter of reference (from either your teacher, counsellor or any other outstandingly person)
  • Letters of recommendation
  • A score of 79 and 80 in TOEFL are expected from non native English speakers.

Application portal: to apply, visit here

College of the Ozarks Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs

College of the Ozarks which is also known as “Hard Work U,” is a private Christian liberal arts college. The college is located in Point Lookout, Missouri.

This college offers a wide range of online bachelor’s degree courses that are partially funded with some other affordable courses.

According to the College of the Ozarks, the sole mission of the college is to provide an affordable education to students who demonstrate financial needs.

These are achievable via their scholarships and grants programs.

Available Courses

  1. Agriculture
  2. Art
  3. Biblical and Theological Studies
  4. Biology
  5. Business and Accounting
  6. Chemistry
  7. Child Studies
  8. Communication Arts
  9. Computer Sciences
  10. Conservation And Wildlife Management
  11. Criminal Justice
  12. Culinary Arts
  13. Education
  14. Engineering
  15. English
  16. Family Studies and Social Services
  17. Foreign Language
  18. History
  19. Hospitality Management
  20. Mathematics and Physics
  21. Military Science
  22. Music
  23. Nursing
  24. Physical Education, Health, and Recreation
  25. Psychology
  26. Theatre
  27. Applied Nutrition

Admission link: Visit here

Coursera Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs

Coursera has so many partnered free online bachelor’s degree programs from top universities. Although most of these courses are free, you may have to pay for the certificate.

List of Bachelor’s Courses on Coursera

  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration by University of London
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science by Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani
  • Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences by University of North Texas
  • Bachelor of Science in General Business by University of North Texas
  • Bachelor of Science in Marketing by University of London
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science by University of London
  • Bachelor of Science in General Business by University of North Texas
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science by University of London

Course link: visit here

University of London Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs

The University of London offers affordable online bachelor’s degree programs with certificates. Students can enroll in most of these programs via Coursera and other e-learning platforms.

With the University of London bachelor’s degree programs, you can launch your B.Sc career by earning your Bachelor degree online from this from reputable and prestigious university in UK.

Available Courses:

  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Science in Marketing
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
  • University of London
  • Business and Marketing Strategies
  • And many more

Course link: visit here

General Requirements for Online Bachelor’s Degree Courses

There are different requirements needed to undergo a bachelor’s degree program but most of these requirements are based on the universities and type of program you choose. Some universities requirement might differ from the others.

But for anyone to apply for a Bachelor’s degree, it is expected that he or she must have completed his or her high school and have obtained a high school diploma.

In order to apply for any online Bachelor’s degree program, applicants must have completed high school which is also a compulsory criteria for gaining admission.

But one thing you need to know is that online universities are mostly like traditional universities.

That implies that both schools are been accredited by educational bodies, but the only difference is that one is done online while the other one is done offline.

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Meanwhile, different online universities may have a specific high school GPA limit that you need to obtain before you’ll be admitted.

Reasons for Pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree

There are number of reasons why people pursue a Bachelor’s degree certificate, some of these are;

  • To create more opportunities for yourself
  • To obtain new ideas
  • Might be personal reasons
  • To obtain more knowledgeable tools
  • To become more educationally advance
  • To start up a new career
  • To train yourself more in your area of specialization

Benefits of Getting a Bachelor Degree

A Bachelor’s degree certificate is good but that does not implies that you can get a work higher than those with Diploma degree.

Nevertheless, in the educational field and in the labour market, those with Bachelor’s degree are placed higher than those with mere high school diploma because it is believed that they have attained a higher level of knowledge.

Listed below are some benefits of having a bachelor’s degree:

  • A Bachelor’s degree helps you to get more opportunities in the labor market
  • You have more knowledge in a particular field of study which implies that you can teach others at the lower level
  • A Bachelor’s degree certificate gives you a level of respect both in the public and both in your family’s
  • A Bachelor’s degree program helps you to discover your career potentials.

For career advancement, obtaining a bachelor’s degree is the first thing to come to your mind because it is one of the powerful level of education that can take you to the next level.

With this information, I believe you have known how to enroll in a free online bachelor degree courses. Best of luck as you begin your journey!

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