Free Online Master’s in International Relations with Certificates 2023

How will it feel to mention an opportunity for you to enroll in a completely free online master’s in international relations?

The best thing about this opportunity is that, some of this online master’s degree program in international relations with certificates are completely free programs!

Of course, International Relations is the scientific study of the interaction between sovereign states.

It deals with everything between states such as trade, diplomacy, war etc. It is a subdiscipline of other fields such as political science, economics, philosophy, law, etc.

This is very important because relating with neighboring countries help build the economy and maintains peace, thereby making life easier for the people and the country a wonderful place to live in.

This course is a branch of arts that introduces you to the various political systems in the world. International relations can also be referred to as International Affairs or International Studies.

If you have been thinking about advancing your career, then a Master’s In International Relations (MIA) is your best bet.

If you are scared of what it might cost you to take these courses, then do not worry because in this article, I will be showing you the various free master’s online courses in international relations.

I will additionally explain every other thing you need to know about acquiring an online master’s degree in this course. Ensure to read through this article.

Advantages of an Online Master’s Program in International Relations?

There are several and in fact, numerous benefits and advantages of enrolling in an online course like this online master’s program in international relations. Some of such benefits are;

1. An Opportunity to Develop New Skills

You get to learn new skills that can help you deal with global issues. Communication Skills is one of the key skills students get to learn while studying this course.

Other important skills students acquire here are research skills,analytical skills etc.

2. Multiple Career Paths

A graduate of this course gets to choose from so many jobs as international relations are not only limited to political science, students can also pursue a career in business.

3. Helps You To Solve Real Life Problems

Choosing to study international relations automatically opens you to working in a political office.

All political officers are problem solvers as they are dealing with the people, hence this course helps you to read and understand the minds of the people and help proffer solutions to their problems.

4. Learn New Cultures and Meet New People

Just as the name “international relations” sounds, so also is the fact that you get to learn new cultures and how different cultures interact with each other to bring about an economic balance.

Settling issues is another to skill you learn while studying this course, hence it is important to know more about new cultures inorder to be able to speak the language of negotiation and peace that they speak.

What Jobs Can I Do With My Degree in International Relations?

International Relations does not just give opportunities to gain skills, but also the opportunity to be able to work in different sectors and apply the skills you learned.

There are so many places to work as a graduate of international relations. Below are some of the job descriptions that a graduate of this course can find:

1. Economic Analyst

As an economic analyst, you get to create commercial trends and hence, use these trends to impact the growth of the organization.

An economic analyst are usually found in business organizations.The average salary of an economic analyst is $75,000 per annum.

2. Diplomatic Agent

As a diplomat, your main duty is maintaining peace between countries. Diplomatic agents are officers who leave their home country and represent them in another country.

They help promote peace between the two nations.The average salary of a diplomatic agent is $98,000 per annum.

3. Public Relations Officer

Public relations officers also called communication officers are responsible for maintaining the image of the organization of which they work in.

They help relate with the public on behalf of the organization. The average salary of a public relations officer is about $70,000 per annum.

4. Language Translator

A translator helps convert foreign languages in written form to another language of the client’s choice.

Translators are open to multiple sectors and can work in places such as law, medicine, telecommunications etc. The average salary of a translator is $55,000 per annum.

5. Intelligence Specialist

Intelligent specialist work for the federal government in sectors that concerns national security. They create mission reports, examine results and determine threat levels.

They are saddled with sole responsibility of dealing with terrorist attacks and wars. Their average salary is $42.000 per annum.

These and many more are the job opportunities one is open to if your choice of studies is international relations. Lets take a look at the free online master’s program in international relations that you can offer:

5 Free Online Master Courses in International Relations with Certificates in 2023

Below are 5 free online master courses in international relations with certificates in 2023:

  1. Power and Foreign Policy In International Relations by Coursera
  2. International Relations by Alison
  3. Diplomacy in the Modern World by Coursera
  4. Global Health Diplomacy by Coursera
  5. Conflict Resolution in the Workplace by Alison

1. Power and Foreign Policy In International Relations by Coursera

  • Offered by: Coursera
  • Duration: 7 weeks long
  • Program fee/Cost: Free course

This course shows you the effect of power in the conduct of international relations. In this course, students also get to learn about foreign policy, what it means and how it works.Here, students get to see the different examples of foreign policy approaches of nations based on world news events of recent times.This course is a free online course, however certificates are to be paid for.

2. International Relations by Alison

  • Offered by: Alison
  • Program Duration: 3- 4 hours long
  • Course fee: Free course

Here, students are taught on the introduction to international relations.They also get to learn about relationship between sovereign states and their various cultures.It covers topics such as introduction to international relations,conflicts and globalization.

3.Global Diplomacy: Diplomacy in the Modern World by Coursera

  1. Offered by: Coursera
  2. Affiliated with: University of London International Programmes and SOAS University of London
  3. Duration: 5 weeks long
  4. Cost: free

This course expatiates the broad fields of Diplomatic and International Studies to students. Students also gets the ability to demonstrate a critical understanding of the nature and development of global diplomacy.

4. Global Health Diplomacy by Coursera

  • Offered by: Coursera
  • Affiliated with: State University of New York
  • Duration: 7 weeks long,30 hours of workload

On completion of this course, students get to learn how to analyze the challenges and limits of global health.

Students will also be able to explain the specific institutions and initiatives that are fundamental to current global health and how these affects its outcomes.

5. Conflict Resolution in the Workplace by Alison

  • Offered by: Alison
  • Duration: 3-4 hours long
  • Cost: Free

This is a free online course on conflict resolution in the workplace. In this course, students get to learn how to solve certain challenges in the workplace such as harassment, conflict, etc.

They are also taught about workplace conflict resolutions and workplace civility.

In conclusion, online courses in international relations opens you to so many opportunities, so why not boost that CV of yours by taking an online course now.

Remember, the above courses are completely free online master’s in international relations courses with certificates.

These courses are free and the only thing it will cost you is your time, hence, make out time and take an online course. Starting today would not be a bad idea. Goodluck!

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