Free Online Master’s Degrees in Psychology with Certificates 2023

Great news is that news that is capable of helping you achieve your dream and here is a great news on the free online master’s degrees in psychology with certificate in 2023 that will help you achieve your dream.

If you want to develop your psychological skills, study deeper into why people act the way they do, and also know why people  think, feel, behave the way they do, then going for a master degree program in psychology is the best recommendation.

However, if you are not a student of psychology, but is still interested in knowing more about the attitude and behaviour of people towards a certain circumstance, then perhaps, an online degree course is your best bet.

Psychology is the scientific study of the human mind and its function especially those affecting behaviour in a given context. It involves the basic study of mental processes, brain functions and behaviour.

While psychological knowledge is often applied in the assessment and treatment of mental issues, it is also directed towards solving problems in several spheres of human activity hence, taking an online course in psychology will expand your knowledge and help boost your career.

Is an Online Psychology Degree Program Worth it?

Yes! Taking an online course in psychology worth it. Here are some of the reasons why it worth it:

1. Developing New Skills

You get to develop new skills such as time management, self motivation etc  while on the course which will help boost your resume and open you to great job opportunities.

2. Affordability

You do not have to pay as much you do for physical classes. Online courses are very affordable and certificates are also issued on completion of the course.

3. Classes are very Flexible

Online courses are very flexible as you can take them at your own pace. If you work full time, then you do not have to worry about classes clashing with your work time.

Jobs that you Can Do With Online Psychology Degree

Here is where the question always come. Everyone want to know what kind of jobs they can secure with their degree and also measure whether it worth it.

Well, it’s the best thing to do, after all, you are studying to solve societal problem and in return earn a living with it. So here are jobs you can do with an online psychology degree:

1. Counsellor

A counselling job is one of the jobs you get to do as a psychology graduate. A counsellor is a person trained to give guidance on personal or psychological problems.

2. Therapist

Therapists are trained professionals in the field of any types of services like psychologist, social workers, etc. They help in counselling people with mental issues.

3. Clinical Psychologist

Clinical psychologist help reduce psychological distress and promote psychological well being. They help people identify their emotional, mental and behavioral problems in their lives.

4. Manager

A managerial position is also a key job you can get on completion of an online psychology degree program.

Knowing the way people act and behave and how to deal or relate to their actions is an additional skill that can move an organization forward.

5. Marketer

You can use your psychological skills to develop strategies which could bring in more customers to a company.

Sometimes, you do not have to be the salesperson inorder to persuade a customer to buy your product, you could do this through the use of your knowledge of how customers think and feel.

Requirements for Online Psychology Degree Courses

Here are the few requirements that are needed to enroll in an online psychology degree program:

  1. A good academic A- level results
  2. A  Bachelor degree in a related field (for Master’s only)
  3. Application and application fee

How Much do I Need to Take an Online Psychology Degree Program

Usually, online courses are cheaper when compared with on- campus courses. However, whatever you are to pay for your courses depends on your institution of choice and the in- state versus out-of- state criteria.

Nevertheless, the cheapest online psychology degree ranges between 4000USD to 8000USD.

How Long Does it Take to Complete an Online Degree Program in Psychology

An on -campus class on Psychology takes about 3 to 4 years to complete. This takes more time when compared with an online class.

An online class takes about 2 years to complete. However, the duration of your online psychology class depends on your school of choice.

Online Master’s Degree Psychology Courses With Certificate

Below is the list of the online psychology master’s degree courses with certificate in 2023:

1. MS in Psychology: Professional Counseling Psychology by Florida International University

Florida International University is the largest university in Southern Florida. Based in University Park, FIU was founded in 1965 and has over 57,000 students.

It offers an online BA course in Psychology and this course can be completed entirely online. Students get to learn human biology and theories of personality and behavioral problems.

Accredited by: Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges.

Course link: visit here

2. Ohio University Online Psychology Graduate Degrees

Established in the year 1809, Ohio University is a research university and the oldest in Ohio with over 30,000 enrolled students.

Its College of Arts and Sciences offers an online BA in Psychology program which is aimed at giving students the opportunity to study practically and understand theories and valuable experiences.

Accredited by: Higher Learning Commission

Course link: visit here

3. Concordia University – St Paul Psychology courses

Concordia University was established in the year 1893 and is located in Minnesota. It offers an online BA program in Psychology.

This program is designed to give students a solid foundation in psychology contemporary methods.

Accredited by: Higher Learning Commission.

Course link: visit here

4. Liberty University Master’s Degree in Psychology

Liberty University was formed in 1971 and is based in Lynchburg,Virginia,Liberty.It is one of the largest christian universities in the world.

Liberty University offers an online psychology program and guess what, their programs can be customised to fit your needs.

This means you do not have to worry about timing as you can set your own time for classes. The school specialises in different areas both for MS and BSc degree courses such as

  • Psychology (M.S.) – Residential
  • Applied Psychology
  • BS in Psychology
  • BS in Psychology – Addiction and Recovery
  • BS in Psychology- Criminal Psychology

Accredited by: Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges.

Course link: visit here

5. Missouri State University Psychology Graduate Programs

Located in Springfield, Missouri, Missouri State University was founded in 1905 and has a student population of over 26,000 students,thereby making it one of the largest university in Missouri.

They offer an online learning in Psychology. The course helps to prepare students for areas such as counselling and clinical psychology.

Accredited by: Higher Learning Commission.

Course link: visit here

6. Regent University

With a population of over 8,000 students, Regent University is located in Virginia Beach, Virginia.Regent University offers various online degree programs in Psychology. These programs are:

  • MS in Psychology
  • MS in Clinical and Counselling Psychology.

Accredited by: Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges.

Course link: visit here

7. South Dakota State University Online Psychology Program

Founded in 1981, South Dakota State University is located in Brookings,South Dakota. SDSU has a student population of about 12,000 and offers online BS in Psychology courses.

It helps prepare students and make them eligible for different career path they might wish to embark on.

Accredited by: Higher Learning Commission.

Course link: visit here

Other Institutions that Offer Online Courses in Psychology

Below are 7 more universities that offer online master’s degree courses in psychology with printable certificates in 2023:

  1. University of Alabama
  2. University of Central Florida
  3. University of Arizona
  4. University of Houston
  5. University of Memphis
  6. University of Massachusetts
  7. University of New Mexico
  8. University of North Dakota

If you have always wanted to study psychology without attending a brick and mortar school, then taking an online course is your best option.

Do not worry about certificates because these courses come with certificates. Take a step forward and enroll for that course now! Goodluck!

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