Free Online Teachers Certification Programs

Free online teacher certification programs are one of the best ways to become trained as a teacher in a digital world.

There has been higher demand for qualified and skilled teachers in today’s world due to the expansion and rapid growth of the education world.

The education system needs teachers who can adapt to the innovative and up-to-date teaching strategies.

Traditional teacher certification programs are slowly being replaced by the digital world and its online activities.

So, there are free online teacher certification programs which allow aspiring and already teachers to get the skills and certification.

These online programs are more flexible, accessible, and convenient for individuals. In this article, we will consider the best free online teacher certification programs.

I have listed some of the best free teachers programs online and how to register or start any of them.

Feel free to explore each of these programs below and choose the best for your teaching career.

Best Free Online Teachers Certification Programs

Best Free Online Teachers Certification Programs

Here are some top free online teacher certification programs you can explore:

1. Foundations of Teaching for Learning: Being a Teacher

The Commonwealth Education Trust, through the Coursera learning platform, offers this course to teach you how to develop and strengthen your teaching skills and make you a professional.

You will also work on your personal and professional development while enhancing your skills to promote learning.

The syllabus includes What is a teacher?; Myself and my learning; Influences on my learning; Impacts on my learning; How do I learn?; and My learning environment.

You will only get a certificate if you can score at least 80% in the course assessment.

To start the lesson, you should visit here

2. Learning to Teach Online

Online teachers need this course to have a knowledge of online teaching strategies and technologies; so the University of New South Wales designed this course to guide you through the journey of designing your course using online technologies.

You will learn the relationship of online teaching strategies and technologies, while choosing the best approach that is right for you and your students.

The topics under the course are: Why is online teaching important + open and institutionally supported technologies; Planning online learning + online learning activities; Online assessment strategies + online resources; and Engaging and motivating students + evaluation strategies.

You can begin this lesson by visiting the official website link here

3. Teacher Training: Roles and Responsibilities of Educators

Keeping students motivated and active in class during teaching is sometimes difficult, as they are easily carried away by their environment. So this course by Alpha Academy will help solve this learning problem.

This free online teacher certification program will help you learn your roles as a teacher, and establish a good learning environment for your students.

You will also learn how to relate with other professionals, examine assessment scores, and give constructive feedback.

The course curriculum includes Teacher training – learning outcomes; Responsibilities and record keeping; Learning needs and environment; and Appropriate behaviour and referrals.

Visit the link to this course is here

4. Teaching Character and Creating Positive Classrooms

Positive psychology is an important aspect of teaching, so teachers need to have a knowledge of the ideas of positive psychology.

In order to maximize the knowledge and get positive students’ engagements, Relay Graduate School of Education offers this course on the Coursera learning platform to teach you how to infuse character-based objectives into your lessons.

The course curriculum includes Your character journey; The science of character; Teaching character in every moment; Macro structures; and Talking about character growth.

You are eligible to get a certificate if you score at least 80% in all assessments.

Visit the course link to start the course. Visit here

5. Teaching for Home Learning

The coronavirus pandemic increased home learning and online classes.

This free course is designed to help teachers get used to online teaching from the comforts of their homes.

The course focuses on teaching the roles of teachers in remote teaching and diverse strategies for supporting online teaching.

This course by the National STEM Learning Centre has topics like Setting expectations; Blending synchronous and asynchronous learning; Asynchronous teaching: pre-recorded lessons and learning activities; Teaching strategies: asynchronous; Teaching strategies: synchronous; and Virtual experiments.

If you are interested in teaching secondary school students, use this link for registration; however, if you have interest in primary school pupils, use this link

6. Teaching and Assessing Core Skills

Many employers seek people with core skills, so it is important for young ones to have access to learning that enhances their core skills.

You will learn how to capture students’ achievement and grow their core skills.

The British Council offers this course to teach you to understand how to build skills, and build an action plan for progression in core skills.

The course curriculum includes Introducing the core skills and why they matter; Exploring the Skills Builder framework; The principles of teaching and assessing core skills; and Developing an action plan to build the core skills of your students.

You can visit the official link to accessing this course here.

7. Working as a Teaching Assistant

The Alison learning platform offers this course to teach you the roles and duties of a teaching assistant.

You will also learn how to know your kids while their parents build their faith in your abilities and skills to meet their children’s educational demands.

The course curriculum includes Teaching assistant concept and policies; Concept of teaching assistant; School policies for teaching assistants; and Curriculum and self-development.

To start this course, Visit here

Other Free Online Teacher Certification Programs

Here are also some top free online teacher certification programs and their links for registration:

  • English for Teaching Purposes – via Coursera
  • How to Use Classroom 200 – via futurelearn
  • Motivating Gen Z Learners: What Parents and Teachers Need to Know via Coursera
  • Exploring Instructional Leadership in Education – via futurelearn
  • Fundamentals of Classroom Management – via
  • Get Organized: How to be a Together Teacher – via
  • Mastering Classroom Management in English Language Teaching – via
  • Powerful Tools for Teaching and Learning: Web 2.0 Tools – via
  • Effective Communication Techniques for Teachers and Trainers – via
  • Introduction to Online and Blended Teaching – via

Bottom Line

With this piece of information, I strongly believe you’ve known some of the best free online teacher certification programs that you can enrol in to become a trained teacher.

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