Harvard Acceptance Rate 2027 – Class Admission Rate & Statistics

Harvard University or Harvard College is one of the most competitive school, the institution is a private school founded in 1636.

The location of Harvard University is Boston in Cambridge, Massachusetts. As of Fall in 2021, this school has about 7,153 undergraduate students.

Out of the 443 National Universities, Harvard University is ranked at number 3 with excellent performance. Harvard University is ranked the first hardest colleges to get into in America.

The school is known to have extremely low acceptance rate which makes it highly competitive to be admitted. So, students have to show and use their profile strength in order to be accepted.

For a highly competitive school, all applicants are those with exceptional and outstanding academic record.

So, their requirements are very high and competitive more than all other universities. Also, note that Harvard considers applicants who have great personal, leadership skills and engage in extracurricular activities.

Factors Considered by Harvard University Before Acceptance

There are some factors that are considered by Harvard University include:

  • Course rigor (this means the intellectual ability of a class)
  • Essays
  • Recommendation letter
  • Geographical location
  • Standardized testing like SAT and ACT scores
  • GPA score
  • Interview
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Talents and abilities
  • Personality and character traits
  • Volunteer work
  • First generation
  • Legacy
  • Racial and ethnic status
  • Work experience

Harvard University does not consider factors like:

  • Religion and religious affiliation
  • State residency
  • Interest of the applicant
  • Class rank

Harvard Acceptance Rate 2027 & Admission Statistics

The acceptance rate for Harvard University is 4.7%, this means for every 100 applications, just 5 applicants are admitted.

This shows how extremely competitive and selective the school is. In order to be among the few applications to be considered, you have to have the best GPA score with the perfect SAT and ACT scores.

Failure to meet up with these requirements would mean you’ll lose your chance of getting into Harvard University.

The class of 2023 had 43,330 students applying to be admitted into Harvard but just 1,950 students were accepted. The previous year, 2022 had 42,749 applications (that is about 1.4% 8 increase.

GPA Requirements for Harvard University

GPA is one of the important requirements considered by Harvard University before application is accepted or rejected, your score can determine your chance of getting in.

The average GPA required by the school is 4.18, this is the highest requirement for all universities in America. This score means you must be on top of your class, having straight A’s and nothing lesser.

To boost your chance of being accepted even with the high GPA score, applicants must also take hard classes like AP or IB courses to show the school that taking studying in a college as competitive as Harvard is like a walk away.

However, if you have a GPA score that is at or lower than required, you can make up for it by having higher SAT score (1580 as compared to 1520 which is the average score) and ACT score (35 instead of the average score which is 34). For Harvard University class of 2025, the average high school GPA is 4.22.

How to Boost Your Chances of Getting Into Harvard University

To increase your chances of getting into Harvard University, you should consider the following tips:

  • Strive to get a GPA of at least 4.22. If your score is lower, you can take harder classes to compensate for the low score.
  • Ensure to get SAT score of 1580 and ACT score of 35
  • Engage in one or two extracurricular activities
  • Write compelling and engaging essay
  • Make sure you do well in your interview
  • Make sure your recommendation letter shows your academic strengths and excellent personality.

Bottom Line

Harvard University is extremely selective, so you should not expect lesser competition. When when you have all the required scores, you must engage in extracurricular activities to prove your leadership skills.

Taking up harder classes will also show your ability to do well in college. We have listed some tips that will help you get into Harvard University.

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