How to Build a Career in Cyber Security 2023

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Will you love to learn and get some basic information on how to build a career in cyber security? Will you also love to know if cyber security is worth building a Career on?

If you say yes to the above questions then this is the right information for you to start with as your guidance manual.

One important thing to know is that, as technology is taking over the World, the need for cyber security increases.

Currently, companies pay huge amounts of money to secure their company data. So it’s a great decision to go into cyber security.

What is Cyber Security Career all About?

Cyber security is a career that involves the application of technological and systematic approaches to securing and curbing networks, data, systems, programs, and devices from cyber attacks.

These approaches help to secure, protect and defend computer systems, servers, programs, mobile devices, files, networks, documents, and data from being maliciously attacked by hackers.

With cybersecurity, the safety of systems and sensitive information can be guaranteed through proper monitoring and termination of attacks.

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Is Cybersecurity a Good Career?


A lot of companies if not all, spend so much money to secure their company’s data, systems, servers, programs, devices, files, networks, and documents from being maliciously attacked by the bad guys.

The more these companies invent new ways to curb security issues, the more the bad guys (hackers) deploy new attack methods.

With these non-ending changes and attacks, the role of cyber security to such companies is always at the frontline and always prioritize.

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Cyber Security Jobs 

What does cyber security do? Almost all companies employ cybersecurity for the sole purpose of protecting the company against cyber attacks.

In most companies, when cyber security is employed, the cyber security is expected to fill and carry out the following job functions:

  • Protect the company’s computer networks from cyber attacks.
  • Curbing unauthorized access to the company’s systems and files.
  • Defending the company against cyber threats.
  • Securing the company’s files and data
  • Responding to security breaches

In a more general term, the job role of cyber security is to protect the company by securing the company against malicious cyber attacks.

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Where can a Cyber Security Work?

Anywhere that involves the usage of networks, servers, systems, programs, devices for storing company’s data, files, and documents.

Cyber security can work anywhere that involves the usage of networks, servers, systems, programs, and devices for storing information, data, files, and documents.

Their main duties and job roles are always to protect and shield the system against attacks and hijacking.

Note: Cybersecurity has a very low (about 5 to 1%) unemployment rate with an estimated futuristic growth of about 60 – 80% increment in job opportunities and salary increment.

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Cyber Security Career, Branches, Types, and Job Titles

The cyber security career can be grouped into five (5) types, depending on their roles in the cyber security system. The five types are:

  1. Application security
  2. Cloud Security
  3. Critical infrastructure security
  4. Network security
  5. IoT Security or Internet of Things

But when it comes to cyber security jobs, the following are the available cybersecurity job titles.

  1. Malware Analyst
  2. Security Awareness Training Specialist
  3. Cryptanalyst
  4. Cyber Insurance Policy Specialist
  5. Mobile Security Engineer
  6. Source Code Auditor
  7. Network Security Administrator
  8. Security Auditor
  9. Vulnerability Assessor
  10. Cyber Operations Specialist
  11. Threat Hunter
  12. Data Recovery Specialist
  13. Cybercrime Investigator
  14. Virus Technician
  15. Information Security Manager
  16. Cybersecurity Software Developer
  17. Data Security Analyst
  18. Chief Security Officer
  19. Cloud Security Architect
  20. Ethical and White Hat Hacker
  21. Risk Manager
  22. Digital Forensics Analyst
  23. Information Security Analyst
  24. Internet of Things Security Specialist
  25. Application Security Administrator
  26. IT Security Architect
  27. Artificial Intelligence Security Specialist
  28. Intrusion Detection Analyst
  29. Automotive Security Engineer
  30. Cybersecurity Scrum Master
  31. Counterespionage analyst (Thwart cyber spies)
  32. Cyber Intelligence Specialist
  33. Cybersecurity Engineer
  34. Cybersecurity Analyst
  35. Network Engineer
  36. Cybersecurity Consultant
  37. Cybersecurity Manager/Administrator
  38. Systems Engineer
  39. Vulnerability Analyst
  40. Penetration Tester
  41. Cybersecurity Specialist/Technician

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How to Start a Career in Cyber Security 2023?

Now that you have known every other important thing about cyber security, it is time to guide you on how to build a career in cyber security and become good cyber security.

If you are new to cyber security and will love to build a career in cyber security, then the following are the steps to becoming cyber security.

1. Get a Degree:

First of all, you need to start your career journey by acquiring some useful degrees (minimum of a Diploma or Bachelor’s degree) and certifications in cyber security or related disciplines.

To start well, it is advisable to start by getting a degree in any of the following undergraduate courses:

  1. Information management technology
  2. Forensic Science
  3. Operating Systems
  4. Software engineering
  5. Network Security
  6. Computer Science
  7. Digital Forensics
  8. Computer Ethics and Privacy
  9. Computer programming
  10. Data Science
  11. Project Management

2. Go on Industrial Training

As for cyber security, you may not be able to acquire all the skills and knowledge of becoming a pro in the cyber World through your certificate program.

For this reason, it is important to undergo industrial training after completing your certificate program.

This will help to expose you more to the cyber world, expose you to other experts in the field, and also give you practical and working experience.

3. Acquire Basic Skills:

After getting a degree and undergoing industrial training, you can personally develop yourself on the following skills:

  • Ethical and White-hat Hacking skills
  • Coding/programming skills
  • Communication skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Problem interpretation skills
  • Teamwork
  • Job execution
  • Time management and consciousness

4. Get a Team

When it comes to cyber security, it may not be a good idea to work solo. Teamwork is always advisable as it will help to expose you to many other experts.

The best way to start is to join or form a team by getting in touch with experts in cyber security. With this, you will be at the benefit of acquiring more knowledge.

Final Note:

Cybersecurity is a good career path that has to do with the protection of systems, networks, programs, data, etc., from attacks and attackers.

Many companies out there are always in need of top-notch security for their company systems, networks, and data so as to reduce the risk of cyber attacks, unauthorized exploitation, and data theft.

At this point, I believe you have known how to build a career in cyber security. Per our view, I advise you to build a career in Cyber security as its demand in the future will keep increasing.

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