NGO Scholarships in Nigeria 2023 for Poor Students

If you can’t afford your school fees then here is an opportunity for you to apply for one of these NGO scholarships in Nigeria 2023 that are opened to poor students in Nigeria.

Taking a step forward in life can seem to be very difficult especially when money is involved and you do not have the required fund.

It could be business, school, an idea etc, that needs funds , whatever the case may be, when there is no money, that dream is as good as dead.

Well, Goodnews!

Some organizations have decided to take over the funds of the less privilege or perhaps, those who cannot afford to attend college or start their own business due to lack of money.

These organisation are known as  Non- Governmental Organizations and are  funded and supported by individuals.

How NGO Scholarships Work?

NGO scholarships are grant or payments made to support a student’s education, awarded on the basis of academic or other achievement.

Generally, NGO scholarships in Nigeria are awarded based on a set of criteria such as academic merit, diversity and inclusion, financial need etc.

So are you seeking support for that educational pursuit? Or do you need  financial help for  that school project but do not know who to call?

If yes, then this article may be a good start for you!

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Do I Need Application Fee to Apply for NGO Scholarships?

Absolutely No!

You do not need to pay money to be able to apply for any scholarship program in Nigeria. Although, each program has its own requirements, however, money is not and should never be one of them.

Of course there’s no way someone can promise you money and then ask you to pay some money to be eligible to get the promised amount, that will a be a scam.

Now, below are different scholarships from Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) in Nigeria with the requirements needed and benefits.

Requirements for NGO Scholarships

To be eligible for an NGO scholarship in Nigeria, you must make sure to meet the criteria and requirements for the scholarship.

Some of the necessary and most common requirements and needed documents for NGO scholarships in Nigeria include:

  • Age
  • Course of study
  • Academic transcripts
  • Recommendation letters
  • Identification documents
  • Personal statements
  • Proof academic excellency

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List of 13 NGO Scholarships in Nigeria in 2023

NGO Scholarships in Nigeria Here is a list of 13 trusted NGO Scholarships in Nigeria in 2023 for poor students that need financial support to further their studies:

  1. The Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Program
  2. MTN Foundation Scholarship
  3. Guiness Nigeria Undergraduate Scholarship
  4. WAAW Foundation Scholarship
  5. Jim Ovia Foundation Leaders Scholarship
  6. Bishop David Oyedepo Scholarship
  7. Alex Otti Foundation Scholarship
  8. OPM Overseas Scholarship
  9. Sir Emeka Offor Foundation Scholarship
  10. Gani Fawehinmi Scholarship
  11. Nigerian Women Association of Georgia(NWAG) Scholarship
  12. Fullbright Scholarship Program
  13. NITDA Scholarship Scheme for Nigerians

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1. The Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Program

The Tony Elumelu foundation program is an entrepreneurship program that began in October 2015. The program is committed to helping young entrepreneur and students with the skills, funding and support they need to grow and achieve their dreams.

This has been a success as the Tony Elumelu Foundation have partnered with other foundations and organisation inorder to achieve this goal. The scholarship is open to applicants from the 54 African nations.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Applicants must be 18 years and above.
  • Applicants must complete an application form by answering a series of mandatory questions, upload required documents and identification materials.

Scholarship website: visit here

2. MTN Foundation Scholarship 2023

The MTN Foundation Scholarship is open to all students  from Africa and are studying courses under faculties such as Science and Engineering or Computer studies in the higher institution.

This scholarship reward provides tuition fees and also covers monthly allowance of the scholar for the period of time that the beneficiary remains eligible.

The MTN Foundation Scholarship are in two categories:

  • The MTN Science and Technology Scholarship Scheme (MSTSS)
  • MTN Scholarship Scheme for Blind Students (MSSBS)

To be eligible for this scholarship, your academic performance will be of utmost importance as that is one of the criteria used to choose winners.

Other eligibility requirements are stated below:

Eligibility Requirement

  • Students with a minimum CGPA of 3.5 ( second class upper) or its equivalent.
  • Blind students with a CGPA of 2.5 and above can also apply
  • OND students with a CGPA of 3.0 ( upper credit)  and has registered  for HND programs.

Scholarship website: visit here

3. Guiness Nigeria Undergraduate Scholarship 2023

The Guiness Nigeria Scholarship is open to students of higher institution in Nigeria and is not course elective as it is open to all students irrespective of the course you are studying.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Students must be a Nigerian
  • Students must be studying in a higher institution in Nigeria
  • Students must have a minimum CGPA of 3.0 inorder to qualify for the award.

Scholarship Email: submit application here via email

4. WAAW Foundation Scholarship 2023

This foundation is dedicated to empowering women as it is strictly open to women in Africa. Its main goal is to help women achieve and reach their educational goals.

However, inorder to be eligible for this scholarship, you must study a STEM- related course at an African university.

However, you can also start a STEM outreach in your school inorder to be eligible for this scholarship.

Applicants may also be required to write an essay about their female mentors and how they have inspired them.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Excellent academic record
  • Applicants must be under the age of 32 years.
  • You must be a female student studying in Africa
  • You must be studying a STEM related course.

Scholarship website: visit here

5. Jim Ovia Foundation Leaders Scholarship 2023

The Jim Ovia Foundation is an ngo that is committed to helping young africans with a financial need achieve their educational dreams.

In order to achieve this goal, the Jim Ovia Foundation has partnered with the Africa – America Institute. The scholarship covers tuition fee, accomodation and other allowances.

Eligibility requirements

  • Excellent academic record
  • Applicant must be an African
  • Proof of financial need

Scholarship website: visit here

6. Bishop David Oyedepo Scholarship 2023

This is a scholarship program that is organised by Bishop Oyedepo the Senior Pastor of the Living Faith Bible Church.

The scholarship is open to students who choose to pursue their first degree program in any of these two institution known as Covenant University and Landmark University.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Applicants must possess an excellent academic report.
  • Applicants must be an African and must be a permanent resident in any of the African countries.
  • Applicants must be between the ages of 18 to 25 years

Scholarship website: visit here

7. Alex Otti Foundation Scholarship 2023

This is a scholarship that is offered based on academic performance, and the desire to use the knowledge gained for the betterment of the society. Upon graduation from university, scholars are expected to give back to the society.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Candidate must possess a minimum CGPA of 3.5 ( second class upper).
  • Candidates must be a 200 level undergraduate student.

Scholarship website: visit here

8. OPM Overseas Scholarship 2023

The OPM Scholarships is a scholarship program sponsored by Apostle Dr. Chibuzor Gift Chinyere who is the founder and general overseer of the Omega Power ministry (OPM).

All the OPM oversea scholarships are sponsored by the OPM Foundation, an NGO in Nigeria. The OPM foundation was launched by the OPM founder and overseer.

Since then, OPM has been offering different scholarships to students to study in different countries.

The available scholarships available in OPM foundation includes the scholarship to study in Cyprus, Dubai, Turkey, Australia, Canada and many other countries within and outside Africa

Scholarship website: visit here

How to Apply for NGO Scholarships in Nigeria?

Below are the recommended steps to apply for NGO scholarships in Nigeria and increase your chances of getting selected:

1. Select the best scholarship: select and apply for only reputable scholarships

2. Check the Eligibility Criteria: make sure to go through the eligibility criteria for each scholarship program and make sure you meet their requirements before applying.

3. Get the Required Documents: make sure you gather all the necessary and required documents and submit them on time.

4. Personal Statement: your personal statement should be compelling and should be able to highlight the following:

  • Your academic achievements
  • Career goals
  • Community involvement
  • How the scholarship will contribute to your future aspirations

5. Accurate Information on the Application Form: when filling the application form, it is important to use only accurate and valid details that can be easily verified if the need for that arises.

6. Read before submitting: it is advisable to go through your application thoroughly to for spelling and grammatical errors and make necessary corrections.

7. Apply on Time: Adhere to the specified deadline for submitting your application and if possible, submit very early without waiting for the deadline.

8. Comply with Instructions: Read and follow the laid down instructions provided by the NGO as concerned with the scholarship.

Note: failure to comply with specific requirements may result in disqualification.

9. Financial Documentation: while applying, kindly know that the scholarship body may require a proof of financial need.

So it is advisable to gather your relevant financial documents that will serve the purpose of proof of financial needs.

10. Recommendation Letters: some NGO Scholarships will require that you submit recommendation letter (s) from any of the following people:

  • Teachers
  • Mentors
  • Professionals
  • Religious leader

11. Follow-Up after application: After submitting your application, follow up to confirm that they’ve received your application and make sure you inquire about the selection timeline.

12. Interview Preparation: some NGO scholarships may subject you to additional interview. So research for common interview questions and practice them.

13. Interview Performance: During the interview, make sure you perform professionally and confidently. During the interview, make sure you highlight the following:

  • Your academic achievements
  • Extracurricular activities, and goals,
  • Explain how the scholarship aligns with your aspirations
  • Your passion for your course
  • Demonstrate your commitment to making a positive impact through your education.
  • Be articulative

14. Always Appreciate: After the interview, do well to send an appreciation email to express your gratitude and appreciation for the opportunity given to you to express your interest in the scholarship.

What is the Selection Process for NGO Scholarships?

The selection process for NGO scholarships differ from one organizer to another. Generally, getting an NGO scholarship is competitive.

To stand a chance, you’ll need to put effort into each step of the application process. You’ll also need to stay organized, proof your financial incapacity, showcase your strengths, and demonstrate your commitment to making a difference through your education.

Know that these organizations will only select the best applicants.


If you are a Nigerian student and you do not have enough funds to continue your education, then do not lose hope, instead, study very hard and get a good grade.

Then, make sure to apply for any of the scholarship programs. However,ensure to check your eligibility status before making a pick at the program you would love to apply.

Make sure you apply today. Goodluck!

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