Online Stores That Accept eChecks Without PayPal

One of the reasons it is necessary to shop with online stores that accept eChecks without PayPal is that, you mustn’t always rely on PayPal anytime you want to go on an online shopping.

Why do you need this information?

Online shopping is one activity that may always be around, and it has slowly become a popular trend among internet users.

Online stores are essential for shoppers to get their day-to-day needs and a means of creating a global retail business network.

The number of online stores is projected to increase by a considerable margin in coming years due to the convenience of shoppers’ experience.

Online stores make the shopping experience very easy for customers by adding multiple payment options; one of the payment options commonly used by online stores is electronic checks or eChecks.

Electronic checks are just like the traditional paper checks we know, but in a digital form, shoppers only have to add it to their payment option while the seller withdraws the required funds.

Difference Between Traditional Paper Checks and eChecks on Online Shopping?

The difference between traditional paper checks and eChecks is that the former involves the use of a chequebook while the latter only needs the bank or payment information of the sender; the authorization form collects the information and helps in processing the payment.

Some online stores accept eChecks using PayPal, while others accept these eChecks directly without the use of PayPal.

This article will compile the popular online stores that accept eChecks without PayPal.

Popular Stores that Accept eChecks Without PayPal

Below are the best and most popular online stores that accept eChecks without PayPal:

  1. Amazon
  2. Walmart
  3. Milanoo
  4. Wayfair
  5. Foot Locker
  6. Target
  7. B&H
  8. Cabela’s

1. Amazon eChecks Without PayPal

Amazon is the largest online store and the first on our list of online stores that accept eChecks without PayPal.

This world-leading online store is a giant retail store where you can buy anything including;

  • Electronics
  • Furniture
  • Foodstuffs
  • Medicines and health products
  • Clothes and fashion accessories
  • Building appliances
  • All beauty products
  • Jewelries and anything else you can think of at affordable prices.

If this number one online store accepts eChecks, especially if you do not have PayPal, then the answer is yes.

Amazon only accepts eChecks without PayPal but through bank transfers.

2. Walmart eChecks Without PayPal

We cannot list popular online stores that accept eChecks without PayPal and leave out Walmart.

Almost everyone in America knows or has shopped at Walmart; however, this store is not limited to America as it is a multinational giant retail store with chains of supermarkets, grocery stores, and markets almost everywhere.

Like Amazon, you can get nearly anything at Walmart, including household appliances, groceries, sporting gadgets, electronics, clothes, beauty products, and many more.

The online retail store version of Walmart accepts eChecks without PayPal, just like the location-based ones.

However, this transaction is only processed by a platform known as Certegy PayNet; this platform is reliable and very fast for online transactions.

Customers must only add their checking account, and the platform will process the payment.

3. Milanoo eChecks Without PayPal

Milanoo is an online retail store popular in China, and it deals in all types of women’s clothing and fashion accessories, including wedding dresses and costumes.

One feature of this store is that shoppers get quality items at discounted prices.

Does Milanoo accept eChecks without PayPal? Yes, it does, but the payment will be processed through a bank transfer.

Shoppers are required to add their checking account information at the checkout page to pay for their orders.

4. Wayfair eChecks Without PayPal

Another online store that accepts eChecks without PayPal is Wayfair, a one-stop retail store that provides shoppers with items like electronics, furniture and other home goods.

Wayfair shoppers have testified to their unique experience while shopping in this online store.

Wayfair shoppers can pay for their orders using eChecks without PayPal through a bank transfer.

You should know that Wayfair allows eChecks and paper checks payments to stay for 15 days before processing to avoid fraud and give enough time for clearing.

5. Foot Locker eChecks Without PayPal

Foot Locker is your sure bet for sportsmen and sportswomen or lovers of sportswear and accessories.

This online store is the best place to get quality and fashionable sneakers and sportswear.

Apart from their online stores, you can get quality foods at over 3,000 physical stores in many countries and their headquarters in New York, United States.

Shoppers can pay for their orders at this online store using their eChecks even without PayPal, and this payment is processed through bank transfer.

The only requirement is for shoppers to input their checking account on the checkout form.

6. Target eChecks Without PayPal

Target is slowly becoming one of the famous giant online retail stores. This store deals in electronics, foodstuffs, household items, clothes, sportswear, toys, beauty products, entertainment products, and others.

Target is another online store that accepts eChecks without PayPal but through bank transfers.

However, using eChecks is only allowed for retail shopping; wholesale and buying gift cards do not allow eChecks as a payment option.

7. B&H eChecks Without PayPal

B&H, also called B&H Photo Video, B&H Photo or B&H Foto & Electronics Corporation, has been in existence since 1973.

Still, the store is one place where you can get any photo and video equipment at affordable prices.

Although the physical store is in Manhattan, New York, an online store is available for customers who love online shopping.

B&H accepts the use of eChecks to make payments without PayPal. However, one requirement is that shoppers call the online store’s customer service for directions on how to pay using their eCheck.

8. Cabela’s eChecks Without PayPal

Cabela’s is an online store that deals with items for outdoor activities like fishing, hunting, camping, recreational shooting and others.

One fantastic feature of this retail store is that the prices of goods are affordable, and you can find almost anything used in outdoor recreational activities.

With over 50 physical stores in the United States and Canada, there is still an online store for shoppers who prefer buying things from the comfort of their homes.

This fantastic online store accepts eChecks without PayPal, but shoppers must call the customer service number to set up and process the online payment.

Online Stores That Accept eChecks with or Without PayPal 

Online Stores That Accept eChecks Without PayPal

Online stores are adopting online payment methods to ease the stress of carrying cash or cards around and for customers to have multiple options to choose from.

Many online stores accept only direct bank transfers, while others use PayPal or any other payment website.

Below are 18 online stores that accept eChecks with or without PayPal in 2023:

  1. Amazon
  2. eBay
  3. Target
  4. Cabela’s
  5. Dell
  6. Walmart
  7. Oriental Trading
  8. Wayfair
  9. Vistaprint
  10. B&H
  11. Sears
  12. Etsy
  13. AVON
  14. Nordstrom
  15. Neiman Marcus
  16. Overstock
  17. Macy’s
  18. Abercrombie and Fitch

Online Retailers That Accept eChecks

Online retailers are stores that allow customers to browse products and select the style, colour and size they want over the internet.

There are many online retailers, and electronic methods are used to pay for goods; one of these is eCheck.

Here are some popular online retailers that accept eChecks with or without PayPal:

  1. Amazon
  3. Overstock
  4. Nordstrom
  5. QVC
  6. SmartBargains
  7. Walmart
  8. Eastbay
  9. Appliance Connection
  10. B&H
  11. Fashion Nova
  12. eBay
  13. Footlocker
  14. Brandy Melville
  15. Dell
  16. Oriental Trading
  17. SmartBargains
  18. Wayfair
  19. Vistaprint
  20. Cabela’s

Bottom line

Online stores are like live savers, and they do not reduce the stress of going to physical stores to get items but help create comfort and convenience.

To help make life easier, these online stores use many payment options, especially electronic means like eChecks, PayPal, credit and debit cards, and Google Wallet.

We have made a list of many online stores that accept eChecks without PayPal, and customers can either process the payment through bank transfer or call the store customer service for support.

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