Online VLSI Designs Courses with Certificates 2023

There are so many online VLSI designs courses with certificates in 2023. Some of these courses are free online VLSI designs courses while some are paid courses.

Many of the paid online VLSI designs courses come with certificates while only few free VLSI courses come with certificate. But in this article, I will list and explain both.

Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) is the process of creating an integrated circuit (IC) by combining thousands of transistors into a single chip.

These are the procedures involved in creating an integrated circuit. The IC may be Analog, Digital or Mixed one that doesn’t make much difference.

There are about 4 major generations of IC. These are:

  1. SSI (Small Scale Integration)
  2. MSI (Medium Scale Integration)
  3. LSI (Large Scale Integration)
  4. VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration)

With VLSI, IC designers are able to build devices without putting much consideration into production cost and size.

One is expected to have graduated in science or any engineering course before taking a VSLI course.

Skills Needed to Pursue a VLSI Course

Below are few skills needed to take a VLSI course:

  • Ability to adapt
  • Organization
  • Communication
  • Flexibility
  • Ability to think critically

Once these courses are completed, there are various job opportunities available.

Career Opportunities in VLSI Designs

Below are 6 career opportunities in VLSI designs:

  1. Telecommunications
  2. Automation
  3. Consultancy
  4. Electronics
  5. Instrumentation
  6. IT

Who Should Take an Online VSLI Course?

  1. Graduates of computer science and electrical engineering.
  2. Professionals in telecommunication, engineering, power management and IC design

Different VLSI courses are usually taught in higher institutions, however it is possible to also take VLSI courses but it is restricted strictly to  people who are graduates in certain areas as mentioned above.

List of Online VLSI Courses with Certificates 2023

Below is a list of 7 online VLSI courses with certificates in 2023

  1. Teaching Physical Computing With Raspberry Pi and Phyton
  2. Digital Circuit Design and Implementation on Udemy
  3. IC Design and Manufacturing Process: Beginners Overview to VLSI
  4. Photonic Integrated Circuits by MIT
  5. Introduction to VLSI systems by Stanford School of Engineering
  6. VLSI – Essential Concepts and Interview Guide by Udemy

1. Teaching Physical Computing With Raspberry Pi and Phyton

Offered by: Future Learn

This course id directly related to physical computing and integrated circuits which are core tools to be considered when studying VLSI.

The Future Learn VLDI course is a free course that teaches on physical computing where students get to learn a lot about circuits.

It takes about three weeks to complete this course. One is sure to  complete the course if he/she works at least 2 hours a week.

The full package of the course will cost about $49 and the full package comes with a certificate on the completion of course

2. Digital Circuit Design and Implementation

  • Offered by: Shraddha V Shelke
  • Hosted on: Udemy

Digital circuit design and implementation is a free online course offered by Shraddha V Shelke which takes only one hour to complete.

This course covers important fields like designing and implementing digital circuits, concepts of digital electronics and simulation of digital circuits through the use of free simulation tools.

3. IC Design and Manufacturing Process: Beginners Overview to VLSI

This is a 30 minutes free online course from Systemverilog Academy. Systemverilog Academy has a series of video of beginners SV tutorials on Youtube.

Students get to learn different information concerning RTL design.

4. Photonic Integrated Circuits by MIT

  • Offered by MIT (Massachusett Institute of Technology)
  • Hosted by edX

This course introduces the students to Photonic Integrated Circuit design through the use of architectural software tools and builders rulebook, step by step sequence of how to code these circuits.

Students are also taught on how to master important tasks loke laying out PIC chips, simulating PIC etc. Certificates are usually offered, however it comes with a fee of $559.

Duration: This course takes about 8 weeks to complete.

5. Introduction to VLSI systems

  • Offered by Stanford School of Engineering

This course serves as an introduction to back end VLSI design fundamentals, as well as various computer aided device ( CAD),tools and methodologies. Students also get to learn:

  • MOS transistors and IC fabricators
  • How to model gates and synthesize their physical layouts as well how to validate complex hardware and softwares.
  • How to explore some VLSI designs such as timing, power minimization, fabrication and layout etc.

6. VLSI – Essential Concepts and Interview Guide

Offered by: Udemy

This course teaches end to end explanation of Basic Device Physics to Chip Design. It also covers the basic concepts involved in VLSI.

This course is presented in forms of micro videos and its content is delivered in form of info graphics. It cost about #4500.

7. VLSI Physical Design by Udemy 

During this course, students are taught on the following:

  • The basic design flow in VLSI physical design automation
  • Basic data structures and algorithms used for implementing VLSI physical design automation. It takes about 12 weeks to complete this course.

Course link: visit here

Importance of Taking an Online VLSI Design Course

  1. Helps in learning the fundamental principles of VLSI,ASIC, FPGA designs etc.
  2. Availability of multiple job opportunities
  3. VLSI experts are paid handsomely as their salaries are very high.
  4. Helps in reducing the size of the circuit and also teaches how to work on the circuit.

Uses of VLSI Chips:

  • Automobiles
  • Commercial Electronics
  • Computer
  • Digital Signal Processing etc.

Pursuing a career in VLSI is not be a bad idea because it has jobs with highly paid salaries. With this online VLSI designs courses with certificates, you can be sure of building a good future.

Make sure to attend an online course if you are interested in knowing more about VLSI designs. Guess what?

Not all courses require a fee, some courses are absolutely free and certificates which can be added advantage to your CV are awarded after completion of course.

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