Privacy Policy

At Futistic, we maintain a high level of privacy. Securing and protecting our users privacy is our top priority at Futistic.

To provide a reliable service that does not tamper with our users’ privacy, we have provided this Privacy Policies.

Below are our site’s privacy policies on how we manage our users’ data, our media files and the policies that govern our information.

Our Privacy Policy Statement

On our website (, we value the privacy of our visitors as it is our duty to protect their information from theft, misuse and internet.

This privacy information entails the kind of information and data that we collect from our users, how we use the data and how we protect our users’ information.

Data Collection Policy

When you visit our site (, we use an event recorder system known as ‘Log file‘, to gather important information about you.

A log file is a internet-generated data file that fetches information about our users’ usage patterns, activities, and operations within our website.

Some of the useful information we fetch via the log files includes the user’s Browser Type, IP address(es), Internet Service Provider ( ISP ), Date of visit, Time and Duration of visit, Referring Source(s) and pages, Exit pages, and the overall navigation throughout our site

This helps us to monitor how a user uses our site to avoid misuse and abuse of our website’s rights and policies.

It also help us to gather data on trends, statistical data, analyze users’ interaction and to gather an demographic data of our site for analytics purposes.

Our Site Cookies Policy

While collecting the user’s data, the data  are stored in the user’s browser cookies for some reasons that will be explained below.

Whenever you visit our site, our site may place a cookie on your web browser so as to be able to recognize your device and the device browser when next you revisit our site.

That’s to say, if you visit our website and return later, our site will be able to read the cookie that was stored in your browser during your previous visit so as to remember and keep track of your device and browser over time.

Google Adsense Cookies Policy

Google also uses Cookies to fetch information about you and your web browser so as to enable them know the kind of ads to show you to you.

This helps to avoid showing you irrelevant and annoying adverts that may irritate or piss you up.

So whenever you visit any page on our website that displays Google ads, some information about you will be stored in your browser’s cookies so as to give you a better experience when visiting next.

Note: Users are free to opt out of the use of the Google AdSense DART cookie and still have a perfect browsing experience.

If you need any more information or have any questions about our privacy policy, please feel free to contact us here