Terms of Use

Unauthorized usage of our information, media, files, or brand name, etc. by third party without a written permission from our team is illegal and is termed as a theft.

Meanwhile, MISUSE (Using outside the purpose by which we gave permission for) of our information, media, files, brand representation, even when you have received a level of permission, is a violation of our right and property.

Also, unauthorized linking to our articles (Mostly Spamming) is against our policies and as such, it is highly prohibited.

On no account should a user do the following without permission:

  • Unintentionally Click any advertisements displayed on our site
  • Directly, or indirectly Copying any articles from this site
  • Republish any article from our site on another site(s) or any other platform(s)
  • Rewrite or paraphrase any article from this site
  • Use any image from this site on another site
  • Use this website’s name, or site logo on another site or platform
  • Try to use our brand to misrepresent or represent us where we are not aware of.
  • Use our brand name or properties to mislead, dupe or abuse people‚Äôs right.

Meanwhile, we shall continue to update our terms of use anytime we adjust our policies.

At the moment, we advise and encourage all our users to adhere to the above terms of use to avoid legal actions.

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