UC Berkeley Acceptance Rate 2027, Admission Statistics

While seeking admission to UC Berkeley, so many questions come to students minds on the possibility of getting into this great University.

One key thing many students look out for is usually UCB acceptance rate. It is believed that this acceptance can tell the chances of getting into the University of California, Berkeley.

However, it’s noteworthy that the acceptance rate of a given college is not equivalent to your chance of getting admitted into the school.

Acceptance rate is simply the total number of students that applied divided by the total number of students that were accepted.

Even though a school might have a 35% acceptance rate, it is still not a guarantee to apply in the school as it’s obvious 65% of the applicants won’t get in at the end.

UC Berkeley Acceptance Rate Class of 2027

The University of California, Berkeley Acceptance rate is 17%. Aside the acceptance rate which on the average is 17%, UC Berkeley admission is very selective.

Students that get into UC Berkeley have an average SAT score between 1310-1530 or an average ACT score of 30-35. The average GPA for UC Berkeley is also about 3.89, all these must be considered before considering admission into the school.

UC Berkeley Acceptance Rate Overtime

At UC Berkeley, the acceptance rate is one of the least things to consider as an edge for admission, to stand a chance of getting into Uc Berkeley, you must have the required SAT or ACT score with the needed gpa.

For the records, average acceptance rate over the past 10 years (2011-2021) is 17.66% and the table below shows how the school’s acceptance rate as faired over the years.

Admission Year Graduating Year Acceptance Rate
2022 2026 27%
2021 2025 15%
2020 2024 17.6%
2019 2023 16.5%
2018 2022 16.8%
2017 2021 18.3%
2016 2020 18.3%
2015 2019 16.9%
2014 2018 17.3%

UC Berkeley Acceptance By Early Decision

Some students apply for admission through the Early Decision or Restrictive Early Action policy because they believe it will help their chances.

For colleges like stanford that accepts the Restrictive Early Action policy, students are favoured in this area as there is very high chance of admission.

Again, UC Berkeley is very selective with kin interest on students performance in qualifying tests and exams.

Hence, the university does not run any of the aforementioned policies.

UC Berkeley Acceptance Rate For International Students

As one school very particular about students merit as basic requirement for admission, there’s really not much difference between UC Berkeley applicants from the American community and the rest of the world.

All students, including international students, must meet the minimum requirements for UC admission, a minimum 3.4 GPA must be obtained, and either the SAT with Essay or the ACT with Writing exams, regardless of citizenship or curriculum.

Taking 2019 admission process for example, over 19% of the international students were admitted in the school which is highly comparative to the school’s entire average of 17%.

Again this number could be less or more subsequently depending on the merit criteria.

UC Berkeley Acceptance Rate by Major

So many universities are very less concerned about the choice of major as a prerequisite for admission, well, not UC Berkeley! In fact, considering certain majors in UC increases ur chances of being admitted in the school to a great extent.

But, freshman applicants are not admitted by major. The only differences are the College of Chemistry and the College of Engineering.

Below are some majors and their average acceptance rate you may want to check out:

Major acceptance rate
Computer science 4%
Data Science 15%
Chemical engineering 37%
Bioengineering 21%
Geography 27%
Environmental Earth Science 39%
Conservation and Resources Studies 48%
Environmental Economics and Policy 37%
Environmental Science 12%


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