Universities in UK that Accept Low GPA for Masters in 2023

This is an interesting information for those that are looking for universities in UK that accept low GPA for masters degree programs.

Maybe you have some thoughts in your mind as to whether or not, there are universities in the UK that accept low GPA for masters. Of course, there are UK universities that accept 2.2 or lower for masters.

Fortunately, this is an article that I took enough time to explain what it really takes to secure postgraduate admission in the United Kingdom with a low GPA (2.2) degree.

Interesting fact: The UK is one of the best countries for education, don’t be surprised that a lot of people want to study in the UK this is all because it has very affordable entry requirements.

Do UK Universities Accept low GPA?


Although most UK Universities accept low GPA for postgraduate courses, some of them might require a minimum of second class upper division but some will accept second class lower, and third class for postgraduate diploma programs.

Sadly, the minimum of second-class upper requirements by some UK universities has made some students lose focus on furthering their education in the United Kingdom, but I’m here with different news.

Remember I said most U.K universities, not all of them. There are some universities in the UK that still accept from 2.2 to 3.5 GPAs for master’s degree programs in the UK.

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What is Considered a Low GPA in UK Universities?

A low GPA in UK universities is any GPA that is below second class lower. So if you have a second class lower, third class or just a pass degree, your GPA is considered low.

Now, your GPA must be calculated base on the UK grading system. Now, let’s look at the UK universities grading system:

Grade Percentage Honours Degree Remarks
A 70% – 100% First Class Excellent for master’s in UK
B 60% – 69% Second  class (2:1) Very good for master’s in UK
C 50% – 59% Second class lower (2:2): Low GPA Low GPA but accepted by some schools
D 40% – 49% Third class (Low GPA) Low GPA, requires postgraduate diploma
E 30% – 39%  


Requires postgraduate diploma or equivalent
F 0 – 29% Fail Unsatisfactory: requires additional qualifications

List of UK Universities that Accepts low GPA for Masters 2023

Universities in UK that Accept Low GPA for Masters

To widen your understanding, here is the list of 8 known U.K universities that accept low GPA for masters. check below to see their admission links and requirements:

  1. University of Birmingham
  2. University of Kent
  3. Kingston university
  4. Manchester Metropolitan University
  5. University of Portsmouth
  6. University of Sussex
  7. University of Warwick
  8. University of Westminster

1. University of Birmingham

The University of Birmingham is one of the strongest and top best universities in the United Kingdom has it’s Royal charte in the year 1900 and it’s a successor to Queen’s college and Mason science college, as the first university to receive Royal charte

The above-mentioned university has about 600 postgraduate programs and master’s programs in Birmingham and accepts students with low GPAs.

They accept GPAs that are equivalent to the acceptable GPA based on the students’ chosen course of study. This includes full-time and part-time programs.

Admission Link: Visit the admission link here

2. The University of Kent

The University of Kent is said to be a renowned university in the United Kingdom. It has highly qualified staff, a high standard of learning, and top learning facilities.

Every student studying at the University of Kent has high job opportunities and excellent academic experience.

The UK university of Kent only accepts Master’s programs for students with second class for Master’s and doctoral programs.

Its postgraduate program is divided into 3 options,  full-time, part-time, and distance learning programs.

So it will be of great help to you to choose the study option that will best suitable for you Also, the university has a lot of scholarship programs for students.

Admission Link: Visit the admission link here

3. Kingston University

The Kingston University has a good number of undergraduate and postgraduate courses for international and UK students

Their master’s program requires at least a low GPA CGPA for Postgraduate diplomas and a second class for other Postgraduate programs.

Admission Link: Visit the admission link here

4. Manchester Metropolitan University

The Manchester Metropolitan University offers a range of postgraduate courses with low GPA requirements like low GPA.

Their standard of teaching for postgraduate is in units and is made up of seminars that are similar to their undergraduate programs.

Furthermore, higher degree programs have a full and independent study structure through the help of expert teams, accompanied by lots of research.

Admission Link: Visit the admission link here

5. University of Portsmouth

The University of Portsmouth is one of the finest universities in the UK. The university accepts low GPA for some of its postgraduate courses.

But one of the drawbacks is that Portsmouth is expensive to stay and live in. Also, some of the Postgraduate programs at the University of Portsmouth require second-class upper.

Admission Link: Visit the admission link here

6. University of Sussex

The University of Sussex is one of the best universities in the UK located in London. Sussex accepts low GPA for master’s degree programs.

More so, the University of Sussex has an online platform for students that wants to undergo their program online.

Also, students are allowed to choose their lecture type, whether part-time or full-time with other interesting scholarships and financial aid offers.

Admission Link: Visit the admission link here

7. University of Warwick

The University of Warwick is recommended for its excellent teachings and research. The University of Warwick has a very good reputation.

Most science-related programs at the University of Warwick accept low GPA for master’s degree programs.

Admission Link: Visit the admission link here

8. University of Westminster

The University of Westminster has about 4 different campuses across London and it will surprise you that it is the most preferred university for students with low GPAs.

The master’s degree in Westminster accepts undergraduate degrees with second-class GPAs for both Postgraduate diplomas, Master’s, and other qualification programs.

Admission Link: Visit the admission link here


With the above information, I believe you have known the UK Universities that accept low GPA for masters in 2023.

Nevertheless, some of the universities listed above have proven to accept graduates with a low GPA to their postgraduate programmes, some of them still require extra and additional qualifications.

Some of the universities above will require that you take some postgraduate diploma courses as an additional qualification for a postgraduate program.

In all, it is highly recommended that you check the specific GPA requirements of any postgraduate program that you want to apply to. With that, you will easily know your chances.

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