UK Universities that Accept HND for Masters Degree

This is a good news for those who are searching for universities in UK that accept HND for masters degree programs with their possible entry requirements.

HND which stands for Higher National Diploma is not the same as bachelor’s degree certificate. While bachelor’s degree is generally accepted for master’s degree by all universities in the UK, HND is only accepted by some UK universities.

While some students, especially those who school in the United Kingdom, can easily gain postgraduate admission with HND, others may be required to provide additional qualifications.

In this article, I shall intensely look at the UK universities that accept HND for masters degree programs and what their requirements are especially for international students.

HND Equivalent in UK?

An HND (Higher National Diploma) is a level 5 qualification in the UK. It is equivalent to the second year of a bachelor’s degree in the UK universities’ grading.

Someone with HND from any school in the UK may be eligible to apply for a master’s degree program while those from international schools may be subject to further academic requirements and qualifications.

Nevertheless, the necessary requirements and additional qualifications that that will be needed by any UK university will fully depend on the specific requirements of the institution and the program you are applying for.

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How UK Schools Regard HND?

HND Equivalent in UK for masters degree

The United Kingdom educational system introduced HND as an instrument of teaching students industrialization and development but currently, the practice is no longer available in schools.

However, this does not mean that they do not allow students with this diploma certificate to study for Master’s degree. There are universities in the UK that accept the higher national diploma and we will talk about them in this article.

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20 Universities that Accept HND for Masters in UK in 2023

Universities in UK that Accept HND for Masters

Below are some well known universities in UK that accept HND for masters. Read through them carefully:

  1. London Metropolitan University
  2. University of Northampton
  3. London South Bank University
  4. The University of Sunderland
  5. University of Essex
  6. Swansea University
  7. University of Suffolk
  8. Birmingham City University
  9. Sheffield Hallam University
  10. Coventry University
  11. Bournemouth University
  12. Kingstone University
  13. University of Kent
  14. University of Portsmouth
  15. University of South Wales
  16. Swansea University
  17. University of Salford
  18. Robert Gordon University
  19. Edinburgh Napier University
  20. University of Plymouth

1. London Metropolitan University

London Metropolitan University is one school that does not only accept international students with HND to study for masters but also those who with third class degree from other universities.

The history of this school dated back to 1848 when it started as The Metropolitan Evening Classes for Young Men but in 2002, it was established by merging the London Guildhall University and the University of North London.

Currently, the school is associated and affiliated with many institutions like the European University Association, the International Association of Aviation Personnel Schools, the Association of Commonwealth Universities and Universities UK. This means it is accredited and recognized for students to study for any degree.

There are six schools at the different campuses of this university and they include the School of Arts, Architecture, and Design, School of Human Sciences, School of Business & Law, School of Computing & Digital Media, School of Social Sciences and School of Social Professions. You can apply for your masters in any of the schools.

School website: You can visit the school’s official website here to get more information on the requirements.

2. University of Northampton

University of Northampton located in Northampton, Northamptonshire, England was created in 1999 by merging many training colleges till it became a full university in 2005.

The school runs post-graduate programs including Masters and accepts students with higher national diploma (HND) for its master’s degree programs.

There are also many benefits of choosing the University of Northampton to study for your Masters, they include:

  • Access to funding
  • Scholarship programs
  • Student loans from the government (if eligible)
  • Best and World leading in research
  • Full academic support from staff
  • Higher chances of employment and other benefits.

The school has many programs for post-graduate students, these programs are categorized into three faculties which are the Faculty of Arts, Science and Technology, Faculty of Business and Law and Faculty of Health, Education and Society.

To study for your Master’s degree in the University of Northampton with your higher national diploma, you must provide documents and Mark-sheets from your alma mater, recommendation letters, 6.0 in IELTS or any equivalent test, statement of purpose and copy of your passport.

3. London South Bank University

London South Bank University started as Borough Polytechnic Institute in 1892 before it was recognized as a university in 1992.

The school accepts students to study for their Master’s degree even with their higher national diploma or even third class degree from any university.

Currently, London South Bank University partners with educational  institutions in different places like Africa, Europe, America, Asia, and Uk.

You can study in any of the seven schools in London South Bank University, these schools are the School of Business, School of Arts and Creative Industries, School of Engineering, School of Law and Social Sciences, School of Applied Sciences, School of the Built Environment and Architecture and School of Health and Social Care.

The school is a very good place to study for your Master’s degree as the school has the best staff and modern facilities that will develop students and support them during their stay in the school.

Also, the school gives accommodation to international students who are eligible and apply on time.

School website: You can check out the criteria for studying in this school with your higher national diploma by going to the official website: official admission website here

4. The University of Sunderland

The University of Sunderland started as a college of education in 1901 till it became a university in 1992.

It is located in London with many students from different countries of the world studying various courses.

The school is linked to many associations and institutions like Universities UK, Coalition of Modern Universities (CMU), EFMD Quality Improvement System (EQUIS) and Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU).

There are also world class infrastructure, facilities and staff to give students the best time in the four campuses.

The University of Sunderland accept HND for many of its master’s program such as:

  • Business and Management
  • Hospitality
  • Leisure & Sports
  • Computer Science and IT
  • Social Sciences
  • Education and Training
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Design and Architecture
  • Applied Sciences and Professions
  • Journalism and Media
  • Natural Sciences and Mathematics

There are also many researchers in the school who are working to improve every areas and spheres of the society.

There are many amazing benefits students enjoy including insurance that covers medical cost, legal aid and support, accidents, baggages, liability, accidents and repatriation.

5. University of Lincoln

The University of Lincoln became a recognized university in 1991 and since then, it has gotten many awards as one of the best universities in the UK.

This university is generally known for accepting students with higher national diploma (HND) to study some specific courses.

Apart from having the great facilities and environment to help students get the best time, they also have world class researchers who have made significant contribution in different fields.

In fact, the latest research submitted by the University of Lincoln to the Research Excellence Framework (REF) was recognized as the best and world leading.

The school has four colleges including the College of Science, College of Arts, College of Social Science and Lincoln International Business School with each having different schools and research institutes.

Bottom line

Having a higher national diploma (HND) does not mean you cannot undergo a master’s degree program in any university in the UK.

There are many universities that accept both students with third class or HND. However, you must meet some basic requirements and this depends on your choice of school and program.

Note that all the above listed schools are accredited and recognized by many institutional bodies in the UK and they also have affiliations with other reputable organizations.

  1. I studied Dental therapy with HND,
    Which of the UK university that offer scholarships to HND students can I apply.
    Please, advice me on the probable course to apply. I’m confused….
    Thank you very much.

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